Zalo App

Zalo App brings the highest quality video call feature on your mobile phone.

Zalo app lets you send free text messages and make voice & video calls even on low network providers. Stay connected with your friends, family, and share images, emojis, and stickers. Create unlimited meetings and group chat with college, university friends, and company employees. Zalo app easily backups and restore your chat data from cloud storage to any device.

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Zalo App Download for PC

Zalo app is the most widely used instant messaging app in Vietnam. Download the instant messaging app for your PC enables you to instantly send messages, perform video calls with your buddies, and send documents like images and others. The application has to be present for mobile phone users and available for all major mobile phones, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phones.

The service offers various features that allow users to interact and share using their devices. However, these features are fundamental, and it requires advanced technical knowledge for you to use them proficiently. For help, you can get in touch with Zolata Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd., which is the company’s developer support group.

ZaloApp makes PC Remotely Available. Using this app, you can quickly transfer files from your PC to mobile devices like Smartphones and PDAs. To download ZaloApp, you need to pay, and after paying, you can download and use the program on your device. You do not need to download the app on your device, instead install the software and connect to the internet via Android or iPhone.

Zalo Page App for Android and iPhone

Zalo page App for Android & iPhone using two modes – Web and PC. To connect to Zalo App, you need to open your browser and log in to a Google Account. Once you are logged in to a Google account, you can easily access your favorite apps like Gmail, Google+, etc. You can easily download apps like Facebook, Google+, YouTube, MySpace, Linked In, Twitter, and many more from your Google account. For accessing all your favorite social network apps, sign in to your Google account and sign in to your Facebook account too. For further instructions, you can visit Google or Facebook developer’s websites.

Zalo page app enables you to make free video calls over any wifi network. You need to install it on your iPhone and Android to make video calls anywhere in the world. You can also use this app for sending SMS to anyone in the world, and you can even send free text messages to them. This application works great for both iOS and Android devices.

Zalo Chat App in English for iPad

This is another excellent VoIP (voice over internet protocol) app that enables you to make cheap VoIP calls from your smartphone. You need to download this app to your smartphone, and it allows VoIP. You can call any VPS/LMS numbers for free using the Zalo chat app in English for iPad. The VoIP technology enables you to talk to people worldwide at unbelievable rates just through your smartphone. You can also enjoy VoIP conference calling with other smartphone users for free as well.

To download the Zalo App for iPad, you have to pay the Zalta App creator a one-time fee of $99. In case you don’t have a credit card, you can use PayPal or Google checkout. Once you have made the payment, you can easily install Zalta App on your smartphone. After installation, you can easily download Zalta PC Emulator, which is available for free from CNET.

Zalo Remote App for Desktop

To download the Zalo App for desktop, you have to pay the Zalta price to get Zalta PC Emulator and install it on your android device. After installation, you can easily download Zalta PC Emulator and transfer the file from your desktop computer. Now you can use your Zalta smartphone as if it is a standard Android smartphone. So this is why we love these apps!


  1. Fully secured.
  2. Advance technology.
  3. HD quality video.
  4. Unlimited time call.
  5. Voice call supported.
  6. Instant messages.

What’s New?

  1. Photo quality improved.
  2. HD Voice and sound booster added.

Additional Information

  • Category: Communication
  • Developer: Zalo Group
  • File Size: Varies with device
  • Requires OS: Varies with device
  • Language: Multiple
  • Permissions: Network Connection

FAQs – Zalo App

Is Zalo Secure?

Yes, It’s fully secured with military-grade encryption. The app hides your IP address and location.

How Do I Know if I Am Blocked on Zalo?

Check someone’s profile on the Zalo app to whom you think that you are blocked. If the person really blocked you, you will not be able to see his profile.

Is Zalo Free?

Yes, Zalo is totally free messaging and video chat app. You can download the app from the site.

How Do I Find Someone on Zalo?

  1. Log in Zalo
  2. Click (+) in the right corner of the screen
  3. Add friends
  4. Select maybe you know
  5. Select friends at the Zalo account you want.