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Get the best routes with real-time alerts for traffic on Waze APK

Waze APK provides well detail instant and accurate information about traffic, construction, police, crashes, and much more. If you are badly stuck in traffic or near to jam traffic, the Waze app will automatically change your route to the shortest one and less traffic road. You can schedule your ride, avoid tickets, and get alerts when reached speed limits. The app is working almost everywhere without any subscription or complicated configuration.

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Download Waze Android Auto Beta APK Full

Download Waze operates on both Android-based smartphones and tablets that have built-in GPS support. It offers turn-by-turn real-time traffic information and user-supplied route details and information while automatically downloading location-based data over a cellular phone network. Users can also benefit from Waze’s maps and directions and third-party maps of different places via the Android Market. There are other Waze add-on and premium upgrades available, however. The Waze Beta APK application was first released in Japan in March 2005. Since its release, it has gained huge popularity, especially in Asia, where people use WalkMan technology to conduct their GPS navigation needs. The Waze application has been downloaded from a whopping 1.3 billion devices by the end of August 2013. This figure includes users in the United States, United Kingdom, China, Brazil, and Indonesia. One out of every five mobile phones is equipped with the Waze service, making this mapping service a real competitor.

Waze Gps Offline Pro APK

Unlike the other two mapping services, the Waze application does not require any external plug-ins or downloads. It can be viewed through any web browser or downloaded to an SD card. In addition, it can be used as a portable Waze GPS device that comes with GPS hardware. The Waze community also provides an interface that allows users to share and update information offline.

Waze provides the best route searching option in the market today. The voice navigation feature is what sets it apart from other navigation apps. This route searching system allows drivers to enter the destination address or enter a specific street address so that the GPS pro function can then suggest a route to take. It also provides real-time traffic details for the drivers, so they don’t have to worry about delays or traffic jams.

The location of a vehicle can help drivers get to the best route. Since the app provides accurate time information, drivers don’t have to waste time searching for traffic lights or traffic signs to get to where they need to be. They can use the Waze app on their smartphones to see the traffic situation ahead of time. The information provided in the Waze app is also more accurate compared to the estimated data provided in Google Maps. That said, the traffic details and road conditions shown in Google Maps are also more recent and precise since they are updated daily.

Official Waze Ad-Free APK Latest and Old Versions

With the availability of millions of people using the official Waze application latest version daily, there is certainly no lack of potential customers. This means that the Waze community – which consists of over 22 million drivers and users from different countries and cities worldwide – is one of the biggest business opportunities online today. Business owners who want to take advantage of this high-demand market should consider investing in a Waze App. There are two essential features of any business application that makes a Waze App stand out above the rest: its visual user interface and its community-based traffic information source. Both of these features make the Waze App a must-have for business owners.

The primary purpose of a official Waze Ad-free  App is to provide great driving and navigation assistance. Since the Waze old version community can interact with drivers through forums and reviews, they have formed a community around the Waze App. Drivers can leave reviews for restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc., while appreciating the app’s real-time traffic information. Other drivers even comment on the restaurants and gas stations they have visited.

As we have seen, the primary function of the Waze App is to provide excellent navigation help to users. But the Waze old and latest version community goes a step further by sharing their personal opinions and reviews about various locations. One of the most requested features is the ability to leave a review on the restaurant you have just visited. If you like what the restaurant has to offer, you will undoubtedly leave a positive review. However, if you don’t like the service and the price, you can easily avoid that restaurant in the future and move on to another one that offers better pricing and quality.


  1. Speedometer.
  2. Drive safely.
  3. Save your time.
  4. Toll charges.
  5. Live traffic data.
  6. Payless for gas.
  7. Listen to favorite music.
  8. Android auto.
  9. Car’s display.
  10. Voice guide supported.
  11. Easy parking.
  12. Closest gas station.

What’s New?

  1. The signing issues fix.
  2. Help options added.

Additional Information

  • Category: Communication
  • Developer: Waze
  • File Size: 85 MB
  • Requires OS: 4.4 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Microphone, Storage

FAQs – Waze APK​

Is Waze Better Than Google Maps?

Waze generally loads faster than Google Maps as it uses up more data.

Is Waze Free?

Yes, Waze is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

Does Waze Use a Lot of Battery?

Yes, Waze uses a lot of battery life and uses more data.

Does Waze Really Detect Police?

Police presence is solely based on user information. While utilizing the app you can confirm or deny any warnings, and also create new warnings.