Truth Table Calculator

Truth Table Calculator

Truth Table Calculator app generates step by step to logical formulas.

Truth Table Calculator


If apps break down every intermediate proposition, the way humans would do it. It supports all usual connectives of classical logic such as negation, conjunction, disjunction, conditional, biconditional, constants, 1 & 0, and falsehood. The truth table calculator supports several non-classical, multi-valued systems of logic.


  1. Support all standard logic.
  2. Multiple formula input.
  3. User-friendly interface.
  4. History of previous input.
  5. Sharing truth table results.

What’s New?

  1. Added XOR operator.
  2. Added Zebra stripes.

Additional Information

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  • Developer: Varies with device
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  • Requires OS: Varies with device
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Microphone, Device ID & call information, Storage

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FAQs - Truth Table Calculator​

A truth table is typically looked and represented by a letter or variable, like p, q, or r.

Ludwig Wittgenstein is generally credited with inventing and popularizing the truth table.

Truth tables are always read left to right, with a primitive premise at the first column.