Troll Maker

Troll Maker app creates funny “memes” and “trolls” for social networks chat groups.

Troll Maker app is the complete and quick image editor, memes, and Troll creator. It includes standard templates without watermarks on the images. You can resize text, pictures, and add text captions for many purposes. The app is reliable for creating memes, posters, banners, and many other custom funny graphics.

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Homestuck Troll Doll Maker App

Homestuck Troll Maker is a new internet-based social network application that lets you create unique and hilarious troll videos using your webcam and microphone on your computer. You can share them with your friends by uploading them to popular video-sharing websites like YouTube and Mehare. This application is simple to use and has received warm responses from both the critics and the users. So, if you are planning to get yourself involved in internet-based social networking, this application is a must-buy. Troll maker software is available at a reasonable price, and different operating systems support it. This means that even if you do not have OS support, this software will still work for you.

Troll Comic Video Maker

In this app, you do not have to worry about the complexities of creating comic videos, as this application has been designed by a group of experts who have years of experience in this field. All you need to do is simply install the Troll Maker app on your computer and then start producing your own internet video Memes. It does not matter whether you are a novice or an expert, as the Troll Maker software has been designed in a way that you do not need any particular expertise to use it. All you need to do is to find the right guide that will help you create high-quality and unique videos and then share them on various popular social media websites.

Creepy Crawlers Troll OC Maker

The best part about this Creepy Crawlers Troll OC Maker app is that it has been designed for both Android and Apple devices. Therefore, people using any of the two operating systems can also enjoy its entertaining features. In fact, many users have reported that they have been enjoying their time using the Troll Maker app on their mobile phones. Therefore, if you want to entertain your loved ones with your unique and hilarious videos, then you should definitely try to download this amazing app from here.

Fan Troll Face Meme Maker for PC

Fan Troll Face Meme Maker has got a unique rating of 3.1 out of the 5 stars from the reviewers, and many people are already enjoying this funny new application. Troll maker is essentially an entertaining social media app that lets you easily create hilarious video Memes without any hassles. These Memes can be posted on your Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Twitter, YouTube, and many more social media sites, including Google plus mark. By creating these Memes, you can share them with your friends or acquaintances and let them see your hilarious side.

Custom Troll Sprite Maker

One of the most interesting things about the Custom Troll Sprite Maker is that you can easily upload your own personal videos to share on the internet. This is because you can upload as many videos as you want. Furthermore, you can even change your username and customize your background. Once you like a particular video, you can easily share it on different social networking sites, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others. In case you are not too sure about the title or URL of the video, you can even use the help facility provided by the website.


  1. Multiple languages.
  2. Multiple colors and fonts.
  3. Adjust the text size and color.
  4. Save and share.
  5. Hundreds of troll faces.
  6. Grid view.

What’s New?

  1. New fonts added.
  2. New memes added.

Additional Information

  • Category: Utilities
  • Developer: Varies with device
  • File Size: Varies with device
  • Requires OS: Varies with device
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Camera

FAQs – Troll Maker

Who Made Trolls the Movie?

Trolls is a computer-animated comedy film based on troll dolls created by Thomas Dam.

What Makes Something a Meme?

A meme is an idea or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.

What is the Most Known Meme?

  1. LOLCats.
  2. Squinting Fry.
  3. Success Kid.
  4. Scumbag Steve.
  5. Evil Kermit.