Tiny Text

Tiny Text is a keyboard app that lets you write every small letter.

Surprise your friends and express yourself differently in chat groups by text style like small caps, Superscript text, Special tiny numbers, Punctuation, standard text, Latin alphabet, and 800+ emojis. With the Tiny Text app, you set the color and customize the size of the background, and it also supports different layouts such as Qwerty, Azerty, Dvorky, and Coloma. You can easily use subscript and superscript text in different formulas like mathematical expressions and chemical compounds.

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Super Tiny Letters Text Translator Generator

A super tiny letters text app translator generator is an application that lets you view text in a smaller format than usual. It is available as a web-based utility, which means that you can use it no matter where you are in the world. Users of Windows computers with high-resolution displays may experience display issues when using some programs. These issues are typically caused by programs that are not designed for high-DPI shows, or those that are not scaled well.

Discord Tiny Text Unicode Converter

The discord Tiny text Unicode converter applications are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the popularity of social media. While most users are using basic fonts on social media, you can use these apps to stand out from the competition and express yourself. The application is available for desktop and mobile devices and offers several different options, including a standard text mode and a tiny text mode. The app also includes over 800 emojis to make your messages look more original.

Download Tiny Text Best Font Keyboard Free

Downloading tiny text apps may seem like the best and most free way to help people with reading disabilities. However, they aren’t the only apps that offer such a service. Apple has added a new Text Size widget feature to the iOS 7 keyboard font. It enables users to change the font size of the text within an app, preventing apps from being displayed in an awkward manner.


  1. Font override.
  2. Advanced shortcuts.
  3. Real keyboard.
  4. Academic use.
  5. Digital system.

What’s New?

  1. Standard punctuation was added.
  2. Caps Lock added.
  3. The backspace bug is fixed.
  4. The galaxy device bug is fixed.

Additional Information

  • Category: Educational
  • Developer: XTK: Spn Rooftop Studio
  • File Size: 2.4 MB
  • Requires OS: 4.047 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Microphone, Storage

FAQs – Tiny Text

How Do I Make Text Smaller?

With Tiny text apps, you can make and write smaller and stylish text.

What is the Smallest Professional Font?

Times New Roman, with a small size, is the smallest professional font.

How to Make Tiny Text?

With the tiny mobile app, you can make text tiny easily.

How Do You Type a Small 2 in H2o?

With tiny text you can type a small 2 in h2o.

How Do I Change My Text Font?

You can change your text font from the display setting of your phone.