Tape Measure App

Tape Measure is the most advanced (AR) augmented reality app.

Tape Measure app is used by millions of builders, construction workers, interior designers, DIYers, engineers, fashion designers, landscapers, real estate agents/brokers, developers, carpenters, and surveyors, etc. It includes useful tools like area measuring tool, level tool, bubble level too, floor plane tool, vertical tool, ruler, and more. You can copy any measurement to a clipboard or even take a photo of measurement and also switch between imperial and metric units.

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Best Digital Tape Measure App for Android

The digital Taped Measured App is one of the hottest applications available in the market. In fact, it has been downloaded by many users already. If you are a professional measuring service provider, you can make use of this app to measure different things such as floor heights and door lengths accurately. Moreover, you can also take measurements of various other objects, including lightboxes, trees, doors, carports, and others. As such, the uses of this application are many, and you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere.

Infarad Photo & Body tape App

This amazing app uses the augmented reality technology to determine the body and photo measurement accurately. As such, you don’t have to do anything manually. Just imagine an arbor with three arches, and you will have a clear idea about the measurement accurately. Using the arrow tool, you will be able to read the measurement clearly from the screen. The same thing applies to measuring the length of the stair.

Electronic Easy Tap Measure Calculator App for iPhone

The electronic Taped Measured calculator App measures the length and the width of the tape by your iPhone device. Moreover, you can take the same measurement of a door or a window in your home or any other object that requires measuring. Once the measurement is done, you can easily share the data through email or send it to your clients or customers.

Smart Gps Walking Tape Measure App

This amazing tape measure app is that you can run the program from iPhone. In addition, you can measure the length and the width of air measurements with your airmeasurer hand while sitting on the couch, resting your elbow on the table, standing on the chair, lying on the bed, or just doing it at the office. You can use the exact measurement for other objects that require measures, such as the stair, doors, and windows. The most important thing about this amazing program is that you can run the program even without the presence of an Airbender.

Download Scale Ruler App With Tape Measure for Laptop

Download this application which is very similar to the laptop built-in ruler application. It also features a white dot for the measurement points and a red dot for the area you are aiming the airbrush at. When you tap the square area, you can choose to draw a straight line between the two points using the rulers on the screen. After you are done with the drawing, you will be able to see your results right away. This app comes in handy, especially if you need to measure something from long distances.


  1. Unit conversation.
  2. Measurement adjustment.
  3. Copy and delete function.
  4. Measure linear sizes.
  5. Detect 3D planes.
  6. Measure corners.
  7. Area and perimeter.
  8. Calculate the length of the path.
  9. Recognized surface.
  10. Measure heights.
  11. Conveniently and precisely.
  12. Traditional mm ruler.

What’s New?

  1. Enhanced surface visualizations.
  2. Increase usability.
  3. Critical bug fixed.

Additional Information

  • Category: Utilities
  • Developer: Grymala
  • File Size: 11 MB
  • Requires OS: 4.2 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Camera, Storage, Network Connections

FAQs – Tape Measure App​

How Can I Measure an Inch Without a Ruler?

With the Tape measure app, you can measure inches through Augmented Reality technology without using a ruler.

Is There an App to Check Height?

With the Tape measure app, you can check both height and width through a mobile device.

Is the Measure App Accurate?

Yes, the measure or measuring app is 99% accurate and tested because they use cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology for the meaning of any length.

Can I Use My Phone as a Ruler?

Utilizing the hardware installed on your device, you can use your phone as a compass, protractor, ruler, flashlight, tape measure, and a lot more.

How Accurate Are Laser Measuring Tape?

Most construction lasers will be accurate to 1/8 or 1/16 of an inch. For basic estimating, a laser measuring tape with a 1/8-inch accuracy will work fine.