Talk to Text App

Talk to Text App

Talk to Text App is a non-stop and unlimited dictation mobile app.


Talk to Text App is a powerful voice to text app that helps to create long notes, essays, posts, reports, and anyone who prefers fast and easy typing such as bloggers, writers, drivers, joggers, etc. It does not stop listening when you take a break to breathe or think so in this way no more struggling need to write down long text. Talk to Text App is very useful for creating a to-do list, general notes, and also you can share it via SMS, Gmail, Twitter, etc.


  1. Speech-enabled notepad.
  2. Empower your idea.
  3. Backup to the cloud.
  4. Google speech recognition service.
  5. Most accurate.
  6. Super simple and reliable.
  7. Offline supported.
  8. Reduce typos and spelling errors.
  9. Auto capitalizing and spacing.
  10. Autosave.
  11. Edit text in dictation mode.
  12. Funny emojis.
  13. One-click transcribe.
  14. Keeps the phone awake.
  15. Support multi-languages.

What’s New?

  1. Copy to clipboard button added.
  2. Time quick stamps added.

Additional Information

  • Category: Communication
  • Developer: Maruar
  • File Size: 3.1 MB
  • Requires OS: 5.0 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Microphone, Device ID & call information, Storage

FAQs - Talk to Text App​

Yes, there is an app for Talk to Text. You can get the app from

Talk to Text App is the best option to automatically transcribe your audio to text.

  1. Select a file (audio or video) that you want to transcribe.
  2. Visit to upload your file.
  3. Download, Share, or edit your transcript.

Through the “Dictate” feature you can use speech to text on Microsoft Word.