Sobriety Counter

Sobriety Counter App helps you to analyze and beat all your bad habits.

Sobriety Counter is specially designed for overcoming addictions like junk food and sugar. You can add the day you made the bad habit and the amount of money you spent on it. It provides a ton of interesting statistics about your time and money. The reward feature of the Sobriety app calculates you save money. The app serves as a great motivation to quit cigarettes or anything that is bad for your body’s health.

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Sobriety Day Counter

A sobriety day counter app can help track progress and keep track of how many days you have been sober. It also displays how much money you’ve saved not buying drugs. Users can even share their sobriety progress with others. Some sobriety counter apps allow you to keep a journal, share your progress, and receive motivational messages from others.

Setting goals is one of the most effective ways to use a sobriety day counter app. Some apps allow you to set goals for a particular day or even a whole year. These goals can be as simple as not drinking for five minutes or as major as staying sober for a year. Users can also access a private online community called Talking Sober for anonymous conversations on addiction and recovery. You can access it from the app or any web browser device.

Free Sobriety Counter App

Another great feature of a free sobriety counter app is that it shows relevant statistics about your bad habits. It tracks how much money and time you spend on alcohol and drugs and offers you the average amount of time you can go without drinking or using drugs. It also displays a special trophy every time you’ve managed to remain sober for a day. You can also use the app to track your progress and stay positive by reading daily inspirational quotes.

Best Free Sobriety Counter Apps

The best free Sobriety Counter app is available for both iOS and Android devices. This app has a colorful design and bold icons. The dashboard also shows you how much money you’ve saved by not drinking alcohol. Besides this, the app features scientific data regarding the benefits of abstaining from alcohol. For example, people who stay sober are less likely to develop cancer, lower blood pressure, and improve blood circulation.

iOS Sobriety Counter App for iPhone

The iOS sobriety counter app for iPhone that offers incentives is Recovery Owl. This app is designed for recovering alcoholics and addicts to motivate users to stay sober. It provides daily motivational messages and accountability tips in a fun and friendly interface. The app is available on iOS and Android devices, and many users have given it positive reviews.

Sobriety Counter Application Android

A sobriety counter app for android can also help you reduce your drinking or abstain for a set period of time. It can also provide food for thought and focus. Ultimately, sobriety counter apps are a great way to stay on track when your goals are hard to achieve.

Sobriety Counter Desktop PC

Desktop PC sobriety counter app used to monitor progress is Saying When. It is an app developed by The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. It allows users to record urges and answer questions to gain insight into their drinking habits. Users can then set their own goals and check daily to see how far they have come.

Many desktop apps available for sober people can help them stay clean and sober. The app has helped many people to recover from addiction. The app can be used by anyone who is struggling with addiction. The only real difference between these apps and an in-person support group is that they are not a substitute for therapy. For this reason, it is important to seek professional help for your recovery.

Sobriety Date Counter

The date sobriety counter app that can help people stay sober is WEconnect. This app can help you stay on track with your recovery plan by sending daily reminders. It can also provide a list of helpful resources for sober living. In addition to using an app to track your sobriety, it is essential to be social in order to keep your recovery going.

Shareable Sobriety Counter

Sober Time: This app is a highly accurate and shareble sobriety counter. It also has a vibrant community where users can discuss their journeys and share their stories. Thousands of members offer valuable advice on the app. One can easily share their experiences and ask for support if they are feeling discouraged or need motivation. The app also offers a feature to call a sponsor and connect with people who have overcome addiction.


SoberTool: This app was developed by a Harvard-educated addiction counselor. It provides daily motivational messages and reminds users of milestones in their sobriety journey. The app also allows users to set goals and earn rewards for staying sober.


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FAQs – Sobriety Counter​

What is the Only Way to Get Sober?

Get proper sleep, treat your headache and drink more water.

How Long Does It Take for Someone to Sober Up?

It takes three months to sober up.

What is Another Word for Sobriety?

Other words for sobriety are moderation and self-restraint.

How Can I Quit Drinking?

With the help of a sobriety counter app, easily quit drinking and other bad habits.

What is a Sobriety Calculator?

Sobriety calculator counts your daily achviments.