Sharktivity is an Atlantic white shark sighting and resource app.

Sharktivity provides information about white shark fish detection, movements, and sightings and peacefully helps people’s awareness. The app supports scientific research, improves public safety, and educates the community to inspire the conservation of Atlantic white sharks. Sharktivity App aims to raise awareness of peaceful coexistence between humans and white sharks.

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Cape Cod Sharktivity

The Cap Cod Sharktivity app includes some icons for different indications like a Red icon indicates an alert, a Blue shark fin icon for a confirmed shark sighting, an Orange shark fin icon indicating an unconfirmed sighting, Yellow Icon detecting a shark tagged with an acoustic tag, and Purple Icon for real-time detection, Orange Icon detects Shark tagged with acoustic transmitters, Green Icon indicates spot tagged shark locations.

Sharktivity App Downlaod

Download the free Sharktivity app, it allows you to record and share videos of shark sightings. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy created the app concerned with conserving these majestic creatures. Users can also upload photos and report shark sightings. This app crowdsources important data about shark sightings and promotes safety in the water. However, there are some downsides to the app. Here are three of them. Read on to learn more about their pros and cons.

Sharktivity App for Android

The Sharktivity app for Android provides push notifications when sharks are spotted in the water. You can also register to receive alerts about non-white sharks, which are often mistaken for skates or rays. The app also encourages users to take photos and videos of shark sightings, which help other beachgoers learn more about the creatures. Here’s how to download the app for free. It’s easy to install, so you can stay safe and enjoy your time at the beach.

Sharktivity App for iPhone

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy operates the Sharktivity app for iPhone. To download the app, go to the Google Play listing. Tap on the Install button below the search bar and to the right of the app icon. The app will ask for permission to install, so make sure you allow it. After you accept, the installation process will begin. Once completed, you can enjoy Sharktivity on your smartphone. And don’t forget to rate the app and share it with your friends and family.

Sharktivity for PC

Another cool feature of Sharktivity for PC is the tracking of white shark sightings. Users can report sightings by uploading photos or videos and writing a short description of what they saw. A sighting of a white shark off Cape Cod was reported on the Sharktivity app last month in the Nantucket Current. However, the season has yet to start officially. In the meantime, it is possible still to see one or two of the great white sharks.

Sharktivity Alert & Latest News

The alert and latest news of Atlantic white shark Conservancy, based in Chatham, Massachusetts, will contract with New England Aquarium to hire a local citizen science coordinator. This person will be responsible for verifying shark sighting reports, documenting shark interactions with seals, and collecting pictures and videos of white sharks. All ordered images will be submitted to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy for identification. The videos will be uploaded to the Aquarium’s White Shark Logbook Catalog.


  1. Estimates range from 50ft to 50 miles.
  2. Stay informed.
  3. Report your shark sightings.
  4. Push notifications.
  5. Early detection system.

What’s New?

  1. Icon updated.
  2. Photo library updates.
  3. The sighting issues fix.

Additional Information

  • Category: Educational
  • Developer:
  • File Size: 6.6 MB
  • Requires OS: 5.0 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Microphone, Storage

FAQs – Sharktivity​ App

Is the Sharktivity App Free?

Yes, Sharktivity App is entirely free.

Where Can I Find the Sharktivity?

You can find the Sharktivity in the app menu.

Who Came Up With the Sharktivity App?

Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries is came up with this app.

How Do You Follow a Tagged Shark?

You can follow OCEARCH-tagged sharks by accessing almost real-time, free online Global Shark Tracker.

What is the Most Dangerous Shark?

Bull Shark is the most dangerous shark.