Scientific Calculator App

The scientific calculator app is best for engineering students with powerful functions.

It is the most advanced and useful calculator for university and school students. The application includes basic mathematics, graphics, percentage, power, roots, trigonometric, logarithms calculation, and fraction calculation. It also calculates linear algebra, calculus, complex number, matrix, vector, and display result in rectangular and polar coordinates. The scientific calculator app is able to solve a quadratic cubic equation, polynomial, derivative, integral, square root, factorial, and pi. App also supports math formulas, physics formulas, unit conversion, and programming.

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Best Scientific Notation Calculator App for Android

A scientific notation calculator is a device that is designed to calculate the value of an object or measurement. The scientific calculator for android comes as a downloaded app from the google play store. Most of the scientific calculators come preinstalled with android devices, but some additional ones have to be purchased as per the need and requirements of the students.Scientific calculator app for android can convert virtually to an android smartphone or a scientific notation calculator. However, hardly any of us will probably find any of us who don’t carry a smartphone now. Therefore, it’s impossible to take the calculator wherever.

Antilog Function Calculator App for Iphone

On the contrary, the antilog scientific calculator app for android supports most of the common scientific calculator functions in both scientific and normal modes. For example, if you are using unit-less measuring methods, then you can change to Units. This function also supports mathematical calculations with the metric system. You can set the units option to measure in any dimension, such as dog or GPS. The calculator for Landscape mode can also perform non-real-time measurements such as cell dimension measurements.

Highest Rated Scientific Calculator for Mac

Many of the highest-rated scientific calculator apps come with a library of some of the most famous scientific and geometric calculator functions such as circumference, area, volume, perimeter, surface areas, perimeter sections, volume ratio, power, acceleration, and integration. These functions can easily be used with any of the units like mm, inch, feet, or inches. Moreover, the calculator also supports the scientific units of force, weight, and time. With this added functionality, you will find that you can calculate many more values than you have expected.

Download Free  Graphing Calculator for Windows

If you want to use scientific calculator apps, you can easily convert them to a smartphone or a graphing calculator without any hassles. The calculator interface comes in landscape or portrait mode, according to the preference of the user. To use these calculators with your windows, you just need to download and install free from our site.


  1. The infinite number of digits.
  2. Prime factors.
  3. Permutations.
  4. GCD and LCM.
  5. Real engineering simulator.
  6. Features of 500es, 500ms, 300es plus, and 991es plus.
  7. Parametric and implicit functions.
  8. Draw tangent, tracing, min, and max.
  9. Powerful differentiation and integration.
  10. Include CAS(computer algebra system).

What’s New?

  1. The keyboard layout improved.
  2. Symbolic calculation added.
  3. New themes and fonts added.

Additional Information

  • Category: Educational
  • Developer: Tools for student
  • File Size: 24 MB
  • Requires OS: 4.1 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Network Connections, Storage

FAQs – Scientific Calculator App​

What is the Purpose of Scientific Calculator?

The purpose of a scientific calculator is to solve the problems in science, engineering, and mathematics.

What Grade Do You Need a Scientific Calculator?

If you are the Students of 9th or later grade then you will be required to have a scientific calculator.

What is the Best Calculator for High School Students?

The scientific calculator app is best for high school and college students.

How to Use the Modulus Function in Scientific Calculator App?

  1. Divide the two numbers ( eg. 7/3 = 2.333333)
  2. Eliminate the decimal part (i.e., make the 2.33333 → 2) ( If there is no decimal part, the MOD value is 0, eg.
  3. Multiply the divisor with the number you just found out ( 3 * 2 = 6)
  4. Now subtract the result from the dividend (7 – 6 = 1, which is your MOD value)

Does Every Phone Have a Calculator?

Almost all smartphones include a calculator, but not all of them are advanced enough to meet the demanding needs of a true tech-savvy CPA.