Pocket Casts APK

Pocket Casts APK is the world’s most popular podcast platform for listeners.

With Pocket Casts APK, you can easily discover and enjoy your favorite shows without any subscription. The app automatically playback all your collections with a built-in queue function. You can even cut the silences part from your selected episodes for time savings. Pocket casts APK to let you boost the music and ignore or decrease the background noise sounds. You can quickly jump between different chapters without touching the phone.

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Download Pocket Casts Pro APK

Pocket Casts Pro APK is the world’s most powerful podcasting platform, an application for mobile users for intelligent podcast listeners. Pocketcasts delivers next-level listening, search, and discovery features, produced by a small team of passionate podcast enthusiasts. The PocketCasts application allows you to search podcast topics in real-time, subscribe and unsubscribe from podcast services, and enjoy your favorite shows with hand-curated podcast lists for ease of discovery. You no longer need a PC or laptop – even your smartphone can carry your podcast wherever you go.

Open the app after downloading, you may notice that it is very similar to podcast apps like iTunes. It’s simple to use with button controls to scroll through episodes and find your favorite ones, with a large button containing a ‘play button to start a new episode. The layout is immaculate, with simple white and green buttons on the right side of the screen and an album art panel below the buttons. There are no icons, and everything is neatly contained within a larger white box on a solid background.

If you have used other Pocket Cast Pro APK before, you will probably know how easy they can be to use, but there’s a significant difference with Pocketcasts. Unlike iTunes and many other podcasting software programs, the playback capabilities of Pocketcasts are speedy and flawless. There is no need to wait for buffering, the episodes download automatically, and you can start playback as soon as you open the app. You can begin playing episodes even if you don’t have internet access because the app will instantly buffer. And with over 40 million downloads already, download now and it’s clear that many people love this functionality.

Pocket Casts Free Full Old Version APK

The old version of Pocket Cast APK has an excellent features. It allows you to skip ahead to new episodes without rewinding the playback and lose time in doing so. If you were playing your episodes at average speed, you would have to take out your phone and move to a new episode. However, by selecting Auto-Download, your latest episodes will play in the order they were downloaded from your computer. You won’t have to stop what you’re doing and go back to catch up on what you missed.

The Auto-Download function also applies to any other Pocket Cast full old version you may have downloaded from the internet. If you have purchased any premium channels from the Google Play Store, your episodes will be available in order from newest to oldest. This will save you time from repeating an entire series, especially if you have many episodes to download. When the playback begins, you’ll continue where you left off to access your favorite episodes. Now that you know how this innovative app works, you’ll probably want to start downloading your new episodes as soon as they become available on your android wear device.

Pocket Casts 7 Premium APK

In addition to the playback features, Pocketcasts 7 has another significant advantage over other podcast apps: it uses the android support library to allow users to manage and play podcasts on the go. Users can easily switch between podcasts Premium APK by hitting the ‘back button, and they can also pause and rewind the playback. This allows users to stay on top of their favorite shows. They no longer have to switch out of one program to watch another. They can do it all from the same application. Variable speed playback is also available, which helps the user to skip between episodes without the buffering problem.

Variable speed playback works excellent for people who listen to podcasts on their mobile devices. Many people forget that they still have to be connected to a computer to enjoy their podcasts in the traditional sense. When the buffering begins or the playback pauses, the device will not move forward. However, if they connect their devices to a computer via Wifi, they can use the Pocket APK and set their Pocket Cast episodes to play at the average speed they were downloading them at when they were using their mobile device.
Suppose you’re wondering how to auto-download your podcasts while on the go; the answer is relatively easy. You need to connect your phone to your computer via USB. Once connected, run the Pocket Cast software on your computer. On the main page, you should see an option for selecting Auto Download. Select that option to start downloading your latest podcast episodes in the shortest time possible.


  1. Android auto.
  2. Interesting episode.
  3. Sonos app.
  4. Sleep timer.
  5. Android wear.
  6. Custom skip controls.
  7. Toggle video to audio.
  8. Support different chapter formats.
  9. Support speed 0.5 to 3x.
  10. Device synchronization.
  11. Chromecast.
  12. Dark theme support.
  13. Material design.
  14. Perfect podcasting.

What’s New?

  1. Add support for Mp3 and M4A.
  2. Import/export feature added.

Additional Information

  • Category: Multimedia
  • Developer: Podcast Media LLC
  • File Size: 14 MB 
  • Requires OS: 6.0 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Storage, Multimedia, Network Connections

FAQs – Pocket Casts APK​

Is Pocket Cast Free?

Yes, the Pocket Cast APK is free and can easily download it from Moboapps.info.

Are Pocket Casts Good?

Yes, pocket casts are excellent and suitable for all android and iPhone users.

What is Pocket Casts Plus?

The subscription service of pocket casts is called pocket casts plus.

How Do You Download Podcasts on Pocket Casts?

  • Long press on any episode row to enter multi-select mode.
  • Select the episodes> download in the multi-select action bar.
  • Long press the episode again and choose select all above or below.

Is Pocket Casts on iPhone?

In pocket casts app on your iPhone, search your favorite podcasts, or a simple way to transfer all your shows if you’re switching over from another app.