Pixel Launcher APK

Customize your mobile layout stunningly with Pixel launcher APK.

Pixel launcher APK brings advanced features to enhance your mobile home screen. Get thousands of free icons, themes, wallpaper, and widgets for news, weather, messages, side toolbar, booster, cleaner, etc. You can hide and lock the app and even customize any notification. Change the size of the icon, grade layout setting, font settings, and access to Google search directly from the home screen. Pixel Launcher Apk lets you easily hide, uninstall, and disable any application.

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Pixel Launcher Latest APK File

If you use an Android phone or tablet, you will need the Pixel Launcher’s latest APK file to perform many tasks. This is a unique application that allows you to perform a number of different actions on your device. It allows you to access your latest emails, contacts and even manages your calendar from your phone’s home screen. Here are some of the main benefits that the Pixel launcher offers you.

You can launch a number of apps at the same time using the Pixel launcher. It provides you with the ability to launch a number of different apps at the same time from your home screen. You can do this using a series of different shortcuts, which are arranged in a logical manner on the screen. The main benefit that this offers you is that you can perform a number of different tasks, which a dedicated app would normally control.

Rootless Pixel 2,3 launcher APK

In Rootless Pixel 2,3 launcher APK you can change the size of the grid on the home screen using the various size options available with this app. This is one of the main advantages that this unique device offers you. You are able to adjust the size of the grid so that it suits your needs. The main disadvantage of the Pixels app is that it does not allow you to change the size of the grid once it has been created, which may limit its usage if you are planning on expanding the functionality of the device.

Action Launcher Icon Pack APK

One of the most unique features offered by Pixels Action Launcher Icon Pack APK is the feature known as widgets. Widgets are basically small apps that you can add to the home screen. You can select from a variety of different widgets such as Google Now, Google Talk, Gmail, Yahoo Messenger, SMS, and many more. Once you have installed these apps on your phone, you can use them by tapping on your device’s screen.

These are powered by the Android system itself, which is an excellent advantage over other similar devices like the Kindle Fire and others. A recent December security update affected the Kindle Fire, forcing Amazon to stop selling the device until a later date due to the security implications of the update.

Download Google Pixel Material Pro APK Free

If you feel that the Pixels lacks some of the features that you have grown to love, like watching YouTube videos and downloading e-books, you should download Google Pixel Material Pro APK Free. This application makes it very easy to get the job done. Furthermore, if you want to be creative, you can even edit and write your own notes and text.


  1. Night mode themes.
  2. Customizable App drawer.
  3. Subgrid Positioning.
  4. Backup and Restore.
  5. Various gestures.
  6. Notification badge.
  7. Rounded corner screen feature.
  8. Support creates a folder.
  9. Support auto classifies apps.
  10. Built-In handy tools.

What’s New?

  1. Optimization improved.
  2. Location error fixed.
  3. Enhance stability.

Additional Information

  • Category: Utilities
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • File Size: 1 MB+
  • Requires OS: 5.0 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Storage

FAQs – Pixel Launcher APK​

What is the Best Launcher for Android?

Pixel Launcher is the best and effective launcher for Android. You can download the app from the Moboapps.info site.

Can a Launcher Make Your Phone Faster?

By installing the lightweight custom launcher as Pixel Launcher Apk. It can practically make your Android faster.

Is It Safe to Use Android Launchers?

Yes, it is safe to use launchers for Android. You can download the best launcher for your android from the Moboapps.info site.

Can I Uninstall Pixel Launcher?

You have to uninstall it. deleting or keeping APK doesn’t matter. go to settings – apps – find pixel launcher – hit uninstall.

Does Google Have a Launcher?

Yes, Google Now Launcher has available in the Google Play Store.