Perfect Player APK

Perfect Player APK is an IPTV/media player for watching videos on TVs.

Perfect Player App provides scalable OSD and custom screen resolutions with selected fonts. It supports multiple playlists such as M3V, XSPF, for watching TV. The app is remotely controllable with a mouse keyboard etc. Perfect Player APK lets you watch videos with less user action and a cool on-screen display menu. It supports the UDP-TO-HTTP proxy data server for fetching playlists.

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Nitrotv Perfect Player APK for Firestick

The Nitrotv Perfect Player App is a fantastic poker app for Android Firestick users that enables you to view and play live real-time Texas Hold’em or Omaha poker on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll see how strong or weak your hand is by the numbers that are shown next to the cards. You can also move your chips around on the screen using the up and down arrows, and you’ll see your stats on the home screen. The main screen is basically a poker chip viewer with a few small slots for your chips. The apps display your statistics on the left side while the channel you’re playing in appears below it.

Limitless Perfect Player Apk Installing for Fire Tv

Install limitless perfect players APK on fire tv to watch videos and movies. One of the most perfect features of this app is its “link push,” or link action buttons, which help you link up a hand with your live game without having to do anything manually. For example, when you’re in the middle of playing a hand, and someone mentions something about a specific hand, if you use perfect player action buttons, you can quickly add the new hand to your database without having to go through the tedious process of actually going into the chat rooms and adding each hand one by one.

Latest Update of Perfect Player 1.5.3 APK

The old version of the Perfect Player app allows you to customize many of its features to suit your own preferences. If you want to add more players to your network or switch between multiple game modes, then you need to get the latest update app 1.5.3 APK to use the simple settings menu located on the main screen. The main settings menu offers a wide variety of options, including the options shown in the video above. If you want to start streaming channels directly from your device’s home screen, you can also do so by tapping the appropriate icon on the screen.

Download Perfect Player APK Pro Full Version Free

The perfect player app is a powerful device accessory that enables you to always get to where you are. It streamlines your viewing and gives you a huge number of options at your fingertips. Whether you’re at work or at home relaxing at home with your favorite TV, the ideal gadget for you is a device that streamlines your entertainment experience by providing you with a great viewing experience at a fraction of the regular price. You can download the full latest version of the perfect player application without any cost.


  1. Support EPC formats.
  2. Favorite channels.
  3. TV program guide.
  4. Playlist sorting modes.
  5. Volume customization.

What’s New?

  1. Add removes.
  2. Pip feature added.
  3. Context menu.
  4. Added archive icon.
  5. Options to configure catchup.

Additional Information

  • Category: Multimedia
  • Developer: Niklabs Software
  • File Size: Varies with device
  • Requires OS: Varies with device
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Storage, Multimedia, Network Connections

FAQs – Perfect Player APK​

Is Perfect Player Free?

Yes, a perfect player is entirely free to use.

How Do I Download the Perfect Player?

You can download the perfect player from the site

Which Player is Best for Firestick?

  1. Perfect player
  2. Mx player
  3. VLC player

Can You Record With Perfect Player?

Yes. Using IPTV players like TiviMate makes a recording of the running screen.

Is IPTV Legal?

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is legal when used to watch legitimate, free-to-air content or for paid subscription channels such as Netflix; however, they become illegal once adapted to stream illicit content.