Pedometer App


The pedometer app uses the built-in accelerometer sensor of your smartphone to count your steps once you push the start button. Whether your phone is in a pocket or armband, bag, or in hand, even if the screen is locked still it will auto-record your movements. View the graph of walking with specific information anytime. Pedometer app is recommended for diet plans, jogging, fatty persons, and walking habit peoples.

How to Use

  1. Use an information graph for the number of steps, distance, burned calories.
  2. To display specific time and date use highlight information.
  3. Includes built-in amazing themes for changing layout.
  4. Input your gender, weight, the age to know the exact number of burned calories.
  5. Input step length accurately for displaying actual distance and speed.



  1. Report Graph.
  2. Training Mood.
  3. Colorful Theme.
  4. Power Saving.
  5. Hundred Percentage Private.
  6. Start, Pause and Reset.


  • Adjust the sensitivity if you find any mistake in your recorded steps.
  • Some of the devices can not count the steps when locked. This is not a bug, it depends on the specification of the device.

What’s New?

  1. Fixed some minor bugs.
  2. Add compatibility for more devices.

Additional Information

  • Category: Health
  • Developer: ITO Technologies, Inc.
  • File Size: 4.4 MB
  • Requires OS: 4.1 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Network Connection

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FAQs - Pedometer App​

The best pedometer app is Google Fit that can track your walk, run, bike rides and more.

No, but first test it with the 100 to 200 steps and adjust the sensitivity for your smartphone and make it accurate.

Using the built-in accelerometer that collects the info of the speed and movement of your phone.

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