Password Protect Apps

Passwords Protect App locks and secure your mobile with quick patterns and fingerprints.

With password protect apps you can protect your Facebook, Whatsapp, gallery, messenger, WeChat, and any other system app. It will automatically capture your thief mobile user by taking his/her picture and then send to your email quickly. You can also lock your notification bar with a powerful fingerprint sensor. Password protect apps support more than 31 languages.

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Password Protect Android Apps

Password Protect is an app for protecting your mobile device against hackers. The goal of this software is to secure your Android phone against hackers and prevent them from getting your personal and financial information. How does it work? Well, when you install the application on your target device, you are given a random password that you need to enter on the keypad to unlock your phone. Once the user enters the correct password, the lock is disabled, and you can use your phone usually.

iOS Password Protect Apps on iPad

To use Password Protect iPhone, you have to create a unique password, then input it on the keypad. However, if the target iPhone has iOS 12, you still need to select a strong password. In addition, a reminder sign may appear briefly on top of your screen, which reminds you that you need to protect your iPhone further by entering the password and the lock mode.

For older devices running on iOS 11 or earlier, you no longer have to worry about this issue because iOS apps support using a fingerprint to unlock your device. This means that if you have an older device, at the very least, you can still make use of Password Protect iPhone to protect your device. Moreover, this latest version of the software supports two-factor authentication. This means that you can now generate a passcode even if you forget your password. Furthermore, it has a notification center that makes it easier for you to activate different features of the app. For example, if you want to unlock your camera, click on the camera button, and everything will be enabled automatically.

Password Protect Apps iPhone Without Jailbreaking

To enable two-factor authentication in Password Protect iPhone without jailbreaking, you need to make use of Simulators. However, before you download one, make sure to look for reviews on different sites so that you can see how other users have used the software. This is important for you to get better results from your download. The best thing about this is that it enables you to run the software in a “production” mode. That means it is pre-installed with your device and can utilize to create a fake user interface so that you do not have to type in an accurate passcode in its place. It is excellent for testers.

When you are done with this, it’s time that you move on to the installation process. For the installation process, it is strongly recommended that you use iPod Touch Games on your iPhone without jailbreaking. Apple has introduced some features that make this possible. For example, iPhone Games allows you to test a game ahead of its release. Furthermore, it lets you log in to your account while you are playing the game.

Password Protect Apps and Folders on Mac

Once you are done with this, it is now time to set up the NTP server. Setup the NTP-server like normal so that your computer will synchronize with the time server. You should also set the time server as the one that connects to your modem. If the connection drops, you will still be able to receive game updates accordingly.

When everything is set up, it is now time to launch the password protects apps and folders on Mac. It is highly advisable to launch it from your jailbreak app, not from the settings. By doing this, the codes will automatically be injected into your Mac. After everything has been done, it is now safe to connect to the Nintendo Switch.

The final steps involve connecting to your Switch. First, launch AuthenticTV. Then connect your iPhone through the USB cable to the computer. From there, establish the Password Protect App, click “Sign in,” and enter your security code. Once you have completed the process, it is now safe to use your Nintendo Switch.

Top 5 Password Protect Apps

  1. 1Password: Keeps you safe online.
  2. Bitwardan: Stores sensitive information.
  3. Dashlane: Digital wallet application.
  4. KeePassXC: Secure personal data management.
  5. NordPass: Complex passwords manager.


  1. Support multiple locks types.
  2. lock/unlock widgets.
  3. Ability to reset a lost password.
  4. Restrict unlock attempt.
  5. Lock incoming call.
  6. Support WIFI lock.
  7. Auto-lock newly installed apps.
  8. Home screen lock.
  9. Scalable pattern.
  10. Protect privacy.

What’s New?

  1. Screen rotation lock feature added.
  2. Remote control feature added.
  3. Face unlocked added.
  4. Add support for android 9 and up.

Additional Information

  • Category: Security
  • Developer: SpSoft
  • File Size: 3.7 MB
  • Requires OS: 2.3 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Storage, Network Connections

FAQs – Password Protect Apps​

How Do I Lock Apps With Fingerprint?

Visit the security app then enter PIN/Password, and choose the apps which you want to hide with your fingerprint lock.

Can You Put a Lock on Apps on Iphone?.

Yes, you can lock apps on your iPhone device easily.

Which App Lock is Best for Android?

Password protect apps is the best locker for android.

How Do I Password Protect a Pdf for Free?

  1. Select a file, or drag and drop a pdf into the drop zone.
  2. Enter a password.
  3. Click set password.
  4. Sign in to download or share your protected pdf.