Mobile Patrol App

Mobile patrol app keeps you connected to important safety information. Mobile Patrol App for android provides news and critical alerts for the location you care most about. The app is a partner with public safety and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Get an update about what’s happening at home, at work, at your child’s school, or […]

Best Running Apps

Best Running Apps help you to achieve your weight loss goals. Best Running Apps use built-in GPS and track all your stats and progress in one place. It works like the voice coach that trains you to step by step. You can set customize goals on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Best Running […]

Level App

Level app is an instrumental tool that accurately shows you the level of the vertical and horizontal surface. Pick your phone and place it on the surface to check the level. The level app is very useful for construction, carpentry, hanging painting, etc. You can use this app for leveling table tennis or set up […]

GPS Speedometer

GPS speedometer app accurately measures the speed of your walking, running, jogging, car, bike, or any vehicle. GPS Speedometer or Odometer app is one of the best apps to measure the speed of any moving thing. It provides you GPS navigation through a built-in map. It has a built-in speed alert that prevents you from […]

ES File Explorer Apk

ES File Explorer APK is the best tool to manage applications and files such as audio, video, images, etc. Es file explorer APK can copy, paste, cut, create, delete, and rename any file on your mobile device. It gives access to cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive for storing data. Es file explorer […]

Album Cover Maker

Create beautiful album arts for your music without any professional graphic designing with the Album Cover Maker app. Album cover maker is one of the best apps for creating beautiful covers, awesome design, and promoting your audios. You can create stunning CD covers with a graphic designing experience. Choose exciting stickers for your rap cover […]

Hurricane Tracker App

Hurricane tracker app lets you know instantly about rapidly rotating storm systems or any adverse weather conditions. The Hurricane Tracker app can alert you when the storm is approaching your chosen location. It provides a full detailed forecast of when the storm will hit with an exact time prediction. It is the best tool for […]

Row Counter

A Row Counter app is best for knitting and crocheting that helps in increasing design and change of color. The row counter app keeps track of which row you are in a knitting pattern. It can be used very quickly, when you complete a row of knitting, you tick off one mark on your counter […]

How Old am I

By using the How Old am I app, you can find your exact age in year, month, week, etc. In different cultures, age is calculated in different ways and the How Old am I app will easily calculate your age in year, month, week, day, hours, minutes, seconds, and events in milliseconds. You can count […]

Vibrator App

Vibrator App makes your mobile device like a perfect body massager. Turn your mobile into a vibrator with the help of a vibrator app and get pleasure and joy. You can make a personal massager with help of multiple vibrational settings. Vibrator app creates, saves, and loads your vibration pattern or generates random vibration in […]