Macro Tracker

Macro Tracker app can be used as a meal planner and calorie counter.

Eat what you want and easily register your food diary, carbohydrate, protein, and fat targets with the macro tracker app. You can edit your calorie requirement and macronutrients in percentages and grams. You can export your meal plan to any document format and can print it as well. Macro trackers create a food diary so you can easily measure your intake progress.

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Free Macro Tracker App

The free macro tracker app can help you monitor the macronutrients in your diet. If you’re following a Keto diet, you may need to eat more fat and protein than you normally do. Or maybe you’re an athlete and need to eat large amounts of carbohydrates. Macronutrient tracking helps you understand your body better.

Best Free Macro Tracker App

One of the most popular and best apps for macro tracking is MyFitnessPal. It offers customizable meal plans and integrates features from multiple fitness applications. You can enter a meal plan, track the calories you eat and burn, and see what percentage of each macronutrient you eat. It also allows you to connect with other users and add recipes. This app has an award-winning food log. It is an excellent choice for beginners and advanced users.

Best Macro Tracker App 2022

Another best 2022 app for tracking macros is MacrosFirst. This program takes the math out of tracking your macros, making meal preparation easy. The app calculates the correct ratio of your macronutrients based on your activity level and weight loss goals. It even helps you keep track of your macros when traveling.

Best Free Macro and Fitness Tracker for iOS

The best app for macro tracking is Lifesum for iOS. This app allows you to track macronutrients in real time. It also allows you to plan your meals in advance and input photos of food each day. It also offers a live score test, which helps you improve your eating habits. A premium version of Lifesum is also available. However, this app is not for everyone. It is a great option for dieters who want to track their macronutrient intake.

Macro Tracker Android

The Android macro tracker app also offers customizable macros for people with special health considerations. This app also has a water tracker and an intermittent fasting timer. It even provides diabetes management tools and unique settings for pregnant women. Users can also encourage friends and family to use the app. The app also offers many features, including a macro recipe calculator and a macro coach. It is also worth downloading if you have diabetes and are trying to lose weight.

Calorie and Macro Tracker

In addition to tracking macros, MacroFactor allows you to input your exercise and track your calorie. The app’s macro targets are adjusted based on your average daily exercise and weight fluctuations. This will enable you to adjust them to match your goals. It’s like keeping a food diary on a more advanced level. It allows you to add up the macros you eat throughout the day and get a detailed picture of how your body responds to each food.

Daily Macro Tracker

If you’re trying to lose weight and build muscle, daily tracking apps can help you stay on track. Many of these apps are available on the internet and can easily help you track your macros. Many of them are cross-platform and can even integrate with other apps and fitness tracking devices. When choosing a macro tracker app, remember that the best one makes it simple to monitor your diet.

Macronutrient Tracker

MacroFactor is a science-backed app that empowers you to control your nutrition. It has a large database of verified foods and provides easy-to-use tools and guidance. Aside from its comprehensive macronutrient tracking capabilities, MacroFactor also has features like a food logger and a diet coach.

Food Macro Tracker

The free version of MacroFuture allows you to track your food and exercise. Still, the upgraded version offers you a variety of features, including macro breakdowns by meal, food, and day. You can also set targets to monitor your macros and track the calorie burn in your workouts. The upgraded app version even comes with a library of meal plans, complete with shopping lists and recipes. This makes the app an excellent tool for people with dietary restrictions or who want to improve their health.

Macro Tracker Weightloss

Another app that can help you monitor your weightloss is Cronometer. This one focuses on whole-body nutrition. Its database is based on verified food submissions and provides personalized information to each user. It also has a ” reports ” feature that allows you to tailor your nutrition targets. Cronometer also supports vegan and keto diets.

The app helps you monitor the number of carbs in your daily meal. Besides counting calories, it also calculates fiber, sugar, and other macronutrients. This is extremely useful if you are on a low-carb or keto diet. It will help you control your carb intake and keep track of your weight.


  1. Calculate all your needs.
  2. Follow the keto diet easily.
  3. Calculation of net carbs.
  4. Nutritional information of thousand foods.
  5. Lose weight goals.
  6. Gain muscle mass.
  7. Integrated barcode reader.
  8. Recipes creation.

What’s New?

  1. Performance improved.
  2. Minor bugs fixed.

Additional Information

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  • Requires OS: 4.0 and Up
  • Language: English
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FAQs – Macro Tracker​

What is the Best Macro Tracking App?

Macro tracker is the best macro tracking.

Are Macros Worth Tracking?

Yes, It also helps you understand that not all calories are created equal.

Does Tracking Your Macros Work?

Yes, tracking your macros works fantastically.

Do I Need to Track Macros to Lose Weight?

Yes, you need to track macros to lose weight; it will also help you learn how to work out.