Level App

Level app is an instrumental tool that accurately shows you the level of the vertical and horizontal surface.

Pick your phone and place it on the surface to check the level. The level app is very useful for construction, carpentry, hanging painting, etc. You can use this app for leveling table tennis or set up a tripod for photographs and much more. The level app helps you create flawlessly leveled pieces of furniture etc.

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Compass and Bubble Level App Reviews

Compass and Bubble Level app has a unique application that helps you measure the levels of different materials such as liquids and other gels. The latest version of this unique iPhone/ iPad application uses both the iPhone OS and the iPad’s larger screen. It can be directly downloaded from Apple’s App Store for free. It also comes with a complimentary trial that helps users try the application free for seven days. A compass and bubble level is a tool used to measure various levels of materials, whether it is liquid or solid. They are always appreciated by the users and give us good reviews according to our perforance.

A bubble level is one of the latest apps that use the iPhone’s more prominent display and motion-sensitive 3D multi-touch screen. A traditional top-down level meter has a small curved glass ball-like glass tube filled with a viscous substance. Usually, colored spirits or alcohol are left within a cylindrical glass tube. To measure the level of any material with this type of meter, you need first to put the glass ball inside the tubes, squeeze it and observe what happens to the ball. The bubble level app uses this concept to measure the level of different materials, whether liquid or solid.

Noise Reading Smart Level App

You can use the iPhone/ iPad to track your noise readings, ascent or descent, your rate of climb, your heart rate, and your maximum climbing level. You can use this information to monitor your fitness or to prevent injury. This type of meter is available for many activities, including skiing, climbing, running, cycling, and walking. The Bubble level app comes with the ability to measure your jump height, your max vertical leap, and your total jumping height from one repetition to the next. You can even calibrate your jump height to the acme of a specific sport.

You can also use the iPhone/ iPad to measure the angle that you are jumping or climbing through their noise. This is available as an isometry mode with the iPhone. This iometry mode will automatically calculate the angles every time you jump or climb. You will get detailed information about the angle every time you hit the ground, and then you can decide whether to keep it the same or to increase or decrease it. The detailed information will help you make the proper adjustment that you need to make to improve your game.

Digital Next Level Smart Budgeting App

In addition to measuring the height from the next level and angles, you can also use the iPhone/ iPad to measure the time. As we all know, the longer you can stand on something, the more time you can take to fall. With the ability of a digital next-level smart budgeting app to measure the time, you will be able to prevent yourself from falling. However, if you are running very fast, you may lose more quickly than you can stand. The two examples are two different examples, but the principle is the same with the Android bubble level app: if you run fast, you will lose time, and if you stand still, you will gain time.

Free Android & iPhone Level App

The iPhone/ iPad has another important feature that the other apps do not have: adding a spirit level feature. You can use the iPhone to measure the spirit, and you can use the same features of the spirit level app on the Android phone. This means that you can easily make your game more challenging by including the spirit level feature. The spirit level app will also allow you to track your progress in every game, so you will know how far you have come.

The iPhone/ iPad apps can offer some great features that other real-life applications can’t. However, some things can’t be done on these apps. You can’t do some things on the standard real-life iPhone apps, such as taking photos and videos. However, you can do those things on the Android apps, such as the built-in camera or the motion detection option in the Android Kit Kat 4.4. For this reason, if you want to take pictures and videos with your smartphone, you will need to install a third-party app such as HD Video transcoder.

Water Sea Level Rise App

Finally, the iPhone and iPad share the same feature: the ability to draw on the screen and check the water sea level rise. However, this doesn’t mean that the drawing tools of the iPhone are superior to the iPad’s. The drawing tools of both phones are pretty much the same. To get the best level utility tool apps for the iPhone or iPad, you will need to look for third-party applications that let you draw directly onto the screen.


  1. Measure any side separately.
  2. Show us angle in degree.
  3. Inclination in percent, roof.
  4. pitch, or inches per foot.
  5. Measure angle of slope.
  6. Keep accurate results.

What’s New?

  1. Application performance-optimized.
  2. Stability improved.

Additional Information

  • Category: Utilities
  • Developer: Varies with device
  • File Size: Varies with device
  • Requires OS: Varies with device
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Storage

FAQs – Level App

Does the iPhone Have a Level?

Yes, the iPhone has a level app.

Can a Bubble Level Be Wrong?

No, the measurement of bubble-level apps can’t be wrong.

What is the Best Level App?

The bubble level is the best level app for android phones.

Where Do I Find Audio Files on Android?

  • Open your device’s settings app google.
  • Manage your Google account.
  • At the top, tap data & privacy.
  • Under “History settings,” tap web & app activity manage activity. On this page, you can: view a list of your past activity.