Kik Pro APK is a free communication app that connects you with new friends with similar interests.

Kik APK allows you to share photos, videos, and send text messages one-on-one and in group chat. This app only requires a username in the signup process, and there is no need for a phone number. You can create many groups chat which is best for organizing group events. Kik app is the best alternative to Whatsapp and Line app you can even send gifts and play games during chatting.

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Kik APK Free Download

The Kik application is the first social network client designed specifically for smartphones and used by teens and young adults in their daily lives. It is like an enhanced version of chat clients like MySpace and Facebook chat rooms, where people can chat online for free. However, unlike those types of apps, users can do more than simply communicate with other members. They can actually hold conversations in real-time or continue to chat while they are on the go. The download latest version of Kik APK that includes many new features, some of which will be discussed below.

Night Ghost Kik APK File

One of the key features that differentiate Kik night ghost APK file from other apps for cellular phones is the ability to share videos and photos. When you use the camera on your smartphone, you can take a short video clip and upload it to the ghost Kik app for others to view. However, the night Kik app allows you to shoot and share videos and stills in high definition as well. In addition to sharing images, you can also make videos and save them to your device. Photos can also be added to a specific profile, which will allow you to share photos you have taken using a camera or camcorder.

Kik 2.1 Old APK for Android

Another essential feature of the Kik 2.1 old app for android is the ability to manage your online media functions, such as sending and receiving messages and adding contacts. To do so, you will need to create a username and password. Suppose you use the default messaging functions on your smartphone. In that case, you can sign into the Kik APK for android and manage these various functions from the main interface. You can also set up your home screen with different icons, each representing different functionalities of the messaging service.

Kik 5.5 Messenger APK for iPhone

Further, in its capabilities, the Kik 5.5 messenger app for iPhone allows users to use a virtual private messaging system similar to the one Facebook uses for its own messaging system. The key difference is that the service has a broader range of phone numbers and user groups than do Facebook’s private messaging options, which recommend users to friends with similar profiles. The keypad also includes a dial-to-talk feature for instant messaging. This feature can be used by dialing a number followed by a space, followed again by a list of available chat options, like group, one toon, or individual.

Kik 6.6 Video Spy Tool APK

In addition to chat options, the Kik 6.6 video spy tool apk also provides other social media-related funstions. It include Digg and Delicious, which recommend and share news stories to users with the added option of “Digg this” (i.e., bookmarking). Twitters is a Twitter-like application that allows users to post short messages to other people’s followers. Twitter Cards in Kik spy tool are another way to share links and images. Other apps include LinkedIn and Pantorra, which allow users to exchange business cards and pictures.

Kik 7.4 APK Matrik Update

The Kik 7.4 matrik update apk also lets its users create and access stickers that can be added to their profile pages. Stickers can be added by simply pasting in the URL of the page where they want to place the sticker and then pressing the send button. These stickers are what differentiate the Kik matrik update messenger from its competitors; they are unique and not found anywhere else on the Internet. The ability to have your own customized sticker gives users a sense of pride when they use the Kik 7.4 app.

Kik 8.9 Cry APK for PC

The Kik 8.9 cry APK for PC can also be used in conjunction with the popular messaging apps on the market today. Users can use the Kik PC version chat to send instant messages to one another. Unlike text messages, you cannot see the other person’s response but only their animation. The best part about these messages is that they can be sent while the user is at work, in school, or just while they are sleeping. Kik 8.9 cry apps may be limited to sending text messages but not while you are online; the Kik for PC offers instant access to messages while the user is online. The ability to have your own customized message allows for an endless amount of communication with friends and family.

Kik 10.17 Friend Finder Pro Camera APK

The Kik 10.17 friend finder pro camera stickers apps allow users to communicate on many different platforms as well. The ability to access and send stickers directly from your Kik friend finder pro account enables users to take their devices everywhere they go. This is beneficial in the business where employees need to be able to access corporate files on the go.

Kik 11.5 Lynx APK Latest Version

If you’re looking for some cool new applications for your iPhone and Android, consider taking a look at Kik 11.5 Lynx APK Latest version messenger. I’ve always had my fingers crossed for some kind of application for smarth, and his messenger seems to have everything that I need in one neat little package. If you have any doubt about what this application is capable of, just check out the two options provided to you at the program’s beginning screen: one is a basic messaging system, and the other offers some more advanced features like allowing you to post images, videos, documents, and more in just one easy-to-use interface.

Kik Paid Premium Unlimied Point APK

One of the most excellent features that it has that no other instant messaging apps like Kik paid premium unlimited points apk have is its file-sharing system. With a simple tap, you can transfer files right from your smartphone to another device, including your computer, tablets, phones, and more. You can also send files to someone else over the air via Bluetooth, which is perfect for sending files like pictures and music. Along with kik premium apk, it allows you to manage your conversations in groups or as individual chats easily. For example, suppose I want to send an image to one of my friends. In that case, all I have to do is take the image out of my phone, locate the place where I took it, and then upload it to Kik’s easy-to-use uploading page.


  1. Integrated web browser system.
  2. Notification System.
  3. No geographically chat restriction.

What’s New?

  1. Dark mode.
  2. Bug fixes.
  3. Performance improved.

Additional Information

  • Category: Communication.
  • Developer: Kik Interactive.
  • File Size: Varies with device.
  • Requires OS: 4.1 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Network Connections, Location

FAQs – Kik APK​

Is Kik Available on Android?

Yes, Kik is now available for both Android and iOS.

Is Kik a Dating App?

No, it is not a dating app, but you can meet with new friends and chat with them.

Is Kik Really Anonymous?

Yes, Kik preserves user anonymity. You can register the app without providing the telephone number.

How to Get APK Kik on iPod Jailbreak?

First you need to Jailbreak your iOS device and then you need to download paid pro version from for free.

How Do I Find Someone on Kik by Their Name?

To find someone on the Kik app, go to the menu and then select the “find friends” option and search anyone by their name.