Keylogger Android

Easily save every keystroke happening in your device with Keylogger Android App.

Keylogger Android can record every typewriter and keystrokes to text files. This app can log all the click strike and keyboard strike of the device. A keylogger can monitor your child, family member, and employee activities.

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Best Free Keylogger for Android APK

If you want to monitor what your children or spouse are doing on their android devices, then an android key logger APK is something you should consider. These programs work just as well as the desktop versions, and they can be installed right onto the device. Most of these devices use the java application platform, so you don’t need to install anything on the computer to use the program. Some of the programs are a bit more complicated than others, however. You’ll want to research all of them before making a decision.
The best thing about min spy is that it has a parental control keylogger, identity theft, and cyber-stalking protection. You can use it to monitor what everyone does on your phone. You can even get access to all of the contacts and the text messages on the phone. If you feel as though your significant other is cheating, this is the best android keylogger APK app to use. The best thing about this particular program is that it will work on any android phone. You can find this free on the company’s official website, but it will cost you somewhere between ten and twenty dollars to download the program.

Undetectable Remote Keylogger for Android

What exactly is an undetectable remote keylogger for android? It is a software utility designed to record everything typed on the keyboard of a computer or smartphone. These tools are famous for monitoring any activity that occurs on a computer or smartphone. If you are wondering if it is legal to do so, you have the right to do so as long as you are not violating any laws or policies associated with private information and data on these devices. However, it would help if you never forgot that spying and monitoring others without their knowledge is never a good idea.

Download Invisible Wifi Keylogger for Android

You can use an invisible android wifi keylogger for many different reasons, but most of these programs are designed to track specific activities. If you suspect your spouse of cheating on you, you may want to download a spider program to catch them in the act through wifi. Social media monitoring is viral today, and most people use this method to keep tabs on their kids. With the phone monitoring solution, download invisble wifi keylogger and you’ll be able to catch the kids red-handed on their social media accounts.

Perfect Keylogger for iPhone Without Jailbreak

If you suspect your kids of being involved in anything questionable, then you can download an android keylogger program iPhone without jailbreak as well. This will allow you to find out exactly what they are doing on their phones. You can read text messages, see pictures, and even call any numbers on the iPhone. This is a great way to catch your child in the act or prevent them from doing something questionable. It is important to know what your child is up to protect yourself, so having a spy on their phone is one of the best options.

Spyware and adware are other reasons to install iPhone keylogger apps. Adware is often established by installing unwanted advertising on your computer. This can lead to high charges on your monthly bill if you don’t uninstall the unwanted software. There are legitimate programs available to eliminate unwanted ads and keep a log of all activities made with your computer.

Check Keylogger Software for Android Without Root

If you suspect your spouse of cheating, you can use android keyloggers without root to get proof. Most of these programs run in the background, so you do not need to be right there to catch them in the act. This makes it easy for you to monitor what they are doing discreetly. If you suspect your significant other of cheating, this is one of the best ways to find out for sure. If you are worried about your children, you will have proof of their activities right there as well.
It is easy to get caught up in the privacy debate when it comes to the internet. Everyone wants to feel like their information is safe, but everyone realizes that nobody is entirely secure. When it comes down to it, you only want to use misty to find the information you need to know about a specific android keylogger program. If you wish to find out who is calling your kids, or if your spouse is seeing someone else behind your back, it is easy to use misty.


  1. Strong password protected.
  2. Log each app separately date wise.
  3. Sorting option.
  4. Prevent from uninstalling.
  5. No root required.
  6. Intelligent search option.

What’s New?

  1. The keystroking issue fixed.
  2. UX improved.

Additional Information

  • Category: Utilities
  • Developer: UT Technology
  • File Size: 6.2 MB
  • Requires OS: 4.4 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Microphone, Storage

FAQs – Keylogger Android​

Can You Get a Keylogger on Your Phone?

Yes, you can easily get Keylogger by downloading it from to your device.

Is Keylogger Spyware?

A keylogger is a form of spyware where users are unaware and their actions are being tracked

Is It Illegal to Use a Keylogger?

Yes, it’s illegal to use a keylogger on others’ phones for data stealing but legal to use it on personal phones or for study purposes.

Does Windows 10 Have a Keylogger Built in?

Windows 10 does indeed did not focus on collecting data about you, some of it being the result of keystrokes, they are not supporting keylogger in any traditional sense of the word.