Internet Explorer For Android

Browse anywhere with one continuous experience on Internet Explorer For Android.

Internet Explorer For Android provides more privacy control and productivity than other mobile browsers. It gives tools like tracking prevention, Adblock plus, and Inprivate browsing. You can easily organize web content with a more personalized browsing experience. With Android Internet Explorer you can securely synchronize your passwords and bookmarks.

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Download Updated Internet Explorer 11 for Android

No doubt, many people have come to love Internet Explorer 11 for its rich web browsing experiences. This popular browser was first introduced to the world back in 2021, and ever since then, it has won many hearts. However, many users still find it extremely challenging to use due to some compatibility issues. There is no need to worry anymore because one can now download an effective and reliable Internet Explorer 11 for Android app from the Android Market that works perfectly well with the Windows Vista operating system.

Yes, this latest version of Internet Explorer for mobile phones is also compatible with Windows Vista. Hence this is why this consider as being ‘the’ version to use. But it has to be noted here that this is only the latest version of Internet Explorer which runs on Windows Vista. Hence there is no guarantee that you will not face some problems while using this browser on your Samsung or HTC Android phone. There are quite a few versions of this popular browser that are available in the android market now. These versions have been designed specifically for the different operating systems like Windows Phone, Symbian OS, and others. And so users can choose the one that they feel most comfortable using.

Free Windows Microsoft Internet Explorer for Android

But what is great about this latest version of this favorite internet tool is that it can easily be downloaded from the Android market windows. All users have to go to the Android Market app, search for ‘ Free Internet Explorer, download the package, and install it onto their Windows devices. Once the installation process is completed, users need not bother downloading and installing the app on their PCs. Instead, all they need to do is use their devices to access the internet on the fly. This means that they do not have to wait for a long loading time to visit a webpage.

To get the full version of internet explorer, users can install Google Chrome. Installing this latest version is also a breeze since all one has to do is click on the install button on the device’s desktop. This process takes just a few seconds. After this, they need to go to the settings tab and click on the compatibility options. Once this step is completed, they can go ahead downloading and installing the Chrome browser.

Best Internet Explorer App for iPad & iPhone

Another option available to users is allowing the users to use Firefox for iPhones. This web browser was formerly designed for PCs but has been adapted to run on mobiles. However, users need to download the Firefox for phones app from the App Store for iPad. The installation process is the same as that of the desktop version. It is recommended that the users make use of the USB cable while downloading Firefox for phones.

The Firefox feature has been incorporated into the internet explorer to make it more user-friendly. It provides the users with the facility to browse the net even while on the move. The interface of the internet explorer has been modified to suit the mobile versions. The user experience of the internet explorer on the phones has also been made accessible by adding Google search.

Internet Explorer for Android Cell Phone and Tablet

To take full advantage of this great feature, the users need to download internet explorer from Google Play Store. Installation of Google chrome is also a breeze. Once the device is plugged in, the device will automatically install the new version. It is quite similar to the installation of any other program. The users need to make sure that they have enough memory storage to enable the downloading process.

The feature of internet explorer for tablets and cell phones has been a long-awaited feature that the users have welcomed. However, not all of the features are working correctly in the browsers. This feature, however, is making its presence felt in popular internet browsers. In case of any query, one can contact the website address. There is no doubt that the users will appreciate the new features and use them to the maximum.


  1. Take control of the web data.
  2. World-class compatibility.
  3. Autofill information.
  4. Cookies management.
  5. Search history..
  6. Microsoft rewards.

What’s New?

  1. General bug fixes.
  2. Browsing performance improved.

Additional Information

  • Category: Communication
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • File Size: Varies with device
  • Requires OS: 4.4 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Microphone, Storage

FAQs – Internet Explorer For Android​

How Do I Open Internet Explorer on Android?

First you need to download Internet explorer on android from website then you can easily open it on your device.

Is There an Internet Explorer App?

Yes, Internet explorer app is available for both android and iOS devices you can easily download it from website.

Is Microsoft Edge the Same as Internet Explorer?

Not exactly, Microsoft Edge is a light and simple version while internet explorer comes with rich built-in features and they both are developed by the same company.