Inshot Pro APK

InShot video and photo editing app are uniquely designed with stunning effects which make your photography and videography more professional.

InShot Pro APK is in one editor with powerful editing features like video editing, trimming, cutting, merging, fast and slow motioning. Also, you can background music, transition effects, different filters, and crop video without losing quality. Through InShot Pro photo editor, you can edit photos, enhance images, rotate and crop photos, add text to photos, college filter, neon photo effect.

You can also glitch video effecting and convert video to audio in clean quality. InShot Pro also provides screen recorders that help you to capture smooth and clear screen video, screenshots, record HD video tutorial, video call, and live game show.

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Download Free Inshot Pro APK

In addition to the fully-featured video editing features the Inshot Pro APK offers, users also get access to many cool widgets and features. The devices available on the Inshot app provide features that help you to enhance the look and performance of your videos, from beautiful captions to photo thumbnails to the ability to edit captions and titles. By adding additional widgets to your device, such as the “Inshot Lyrics” widget, you can turn the Inshot into an innovative music player. Download free some other unique functions available to the Inshot, including the option to browse your saved files by album, artist, or keyword.

Inshot Video Editor for PC

One of the cons to the Inshot App is its somewhat limited clip editing capabilities for PC. Although it allows you to add text and images to your footage, the actual options to modify the footage are pretty minor. Therefore, the footage you come up with will probably not be as polished as you would like. However, if you need to make minor changes to your clip before making it public, this isn’t a huge problem. Still, if you plan to make considerable changes to the footage, it may be best to save it to your computer and export it to be edited later. The other big con to Inshot is that its motion-tracking technology is not powerful enough to edit footage of people in the whole movement.

Perhaps the most crucial feature of Inshot is that it integrates with several third-party services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and others. Therefore, not only can you upload clips, but you can easily sync your library of existing videos and photos to these services, which means that you can easily make any new transitions and add transitions to any of your clips. One of the best pros to this kind of cloud-based solution is that you never have to worry about data syncing, as it automatically moves your files from your computer to the cloud when you save a new clip.

Best Free Video Editing Software for Android

The key selling point of the Inshot free video editing software is its vivAVedia compatibility. Many video editing programs for Android let you import footage from existing videos (such as ones you’ve recorded with the camcorder). However, few let you do the same with audio files. You can import your footage into your computer, but it is no way to load it up on another device instantly. With vivAVedia, everything you’ve recorded can be imported directly into your Mac without having to convert them first, saving you a trip to the video conversion store and a lot of money.

The Inshot App comes with nine powerful filters, which allow you to add text, colors, and other visual elements to any video. Using the Filter Panel on the Inshot interface, you can easily and quickly mix and match colors, text, and images. You can even apply sublicenses and embellishments to your clips – something you wouldn’t be able to do with the standard movie editing apps. By combining the innovative Video Editor with advanced filters, Inshot provides a unique blend of creativity and ease of use.

Inshot Pro Full Unlocked APK Download 2021

Although many people prefer not to leave their social media accounts public, it is a practical reality that we must leave our online friends and acquaintances with a short message now and then. Perhaps you want to let your old friend or colleague know how you’re doing or catch up to see how things are going in your life in 2021. If this is why you want to download Inshot pro full unlocked APK and you will be happy with its wide range of options.

Inshot Pro Latest Version for iOS

One of the best pros to the Inshot is its simplicity and ease of use. This is especially useful for amateur and independent filmmakers looking to capture live-action footage but who don’t have the time, or inclination, to learn complicated video editing software. In addition, the Inshot is not only very easy to use, but it’s also one of the latest versions of iOS apps out there, meaning that even the most technically challenged person can produce quality footage using the cameras included in the kit.

Inshot Video Player Pro APK With Transitions

Inshot Pro APK is an ideal video-editing application for people who are on the more accessible side of video creation and transitions. Its simple, easy-to-use interface makes it fun and convenient to use. You can also save a vast amount of time with its unique thumbnail previews, allowing you to make quick work of reworking footage. Inshot Pro also features an impressive array of touch-screen functions, allowing you to manipulate clips in various ways. If you are looking for a versatile video editor, easy to use, and offers outstanding quality, then check out Inshot.


InShot Video Editor

  1. Trim and cut favorite parts from different videos.
  2. Merge multiple video clips without losing quality.
  3. Crop videos and export them in HD quality.
  4. Fit any aspect of ratio videos and photos.
  5. Flip and rotate the videos in any direction.
  6. 55+  video transitions effection is available.
  7. Video Converter & Photo Slideshow Maker.
  8. Convert video to mp4 format.
  9. Combine photos and create slideshows with music.
  10. Mix photos with videos.

InShot Photo Editor

  1. Multiple stylish collage designs.
  2. Special filters, colour full background, and blur background.
  3. Beautiful frames and multiple ratios supported.
  4. 1000+ stickers and funny memes are available.
  5. Add text on video with multiple fonts.
  6. 1000+ stickers and emoji.
  7. Custom memes and animated effects.
  8. Multiple borders and background-colors.

InShot Music Editor

  1. Add your own music to a video.
  2. Remove music from videos.
  3. Add your voice to a video.
  4. Balance music volume.
  5. Unlimited sound effects.

What’s New?

Video Editor

  1. Timeline Trim & Zoom
  2. video with magic effects.
  3. Add dark mode
  4. New User interface
  5. Multi drafts & Mute supported.

Photo Editor

  1. Add new glitch effects.
  2. Add text to the photo.
  3. Add Drip effects in Effect function.
  4. BW mode for Texture effects.
  5. More Templates.

Music Editor

  1. New kinds of music are available.
  2. Unique sound effects.
  3. Record music.
  4. Bugs fixed.

Additional Information

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Developer: InShot Inc
  • File Size: Varies with Version
  • Requires OS: 5.0 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Microphone, Storage, Camera

FAQs – InShot Pro APK

What Do You Get With InShot Pro?

With an InShot Pro, you will get Unlimited subscription, access to paid editing features such as stickers, filter packages, etc.

Is InShot App Made in China?

No, the InShot App made by USA developers belongs to New York City.

What Does Inshot Pro Include?

Unlimited subscription, access to all features and paid materials like stickers, filter packages, and more. Advertisements will be removed automatically. – Inshot pro unlimited subscription is billed manually at the rate corresponding to the selected plan.

Is Inshot a Good Editing App?

Inshot app is an all-in-one editing app. You can create videos, edit photos, and image collages. The app is rich in features: trim clips, change the speed of your footage, and add filters, music, etc.

Is Inshot Worth the Money?

Inshot video editor let you edit simple videos, or edit images. Most features offered free, and you have a choice of one-off purchases you wish to use this app on a regular basis.