Infrared Camera App

The infrared camera app applies a color gradient of your device camera based on the color intensity of the image.

The infrared camera app applies a color gradient of your device camera based on the color intensity of the image. With the infrared camera app, you can see everything in clear thermal filter effects, like bright things in red/yellow and dark things in blue/green. You can create color combination palettes such as mono, heat map, fire, ice, iron man, rainbow predator, and neon. Infrared camera apps allow you to save videos and images from the camera by applying effects. You can zoom the camera, switch the front camera, flash on/off, and control fast captures. You can also use edited images as wallpaper and share them on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

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Infrared Camera App for iPhone

This app simulates an infrared camera for iPhone and offers a variety of filters to create creative photos. Users can adjust the sensitivity of the camera and zoom up to 8x. They can also share their content instantly using social media. These features make the app an ideal choice for night shooting. The app has a simple user interface and supports night and thermal cameras.

Infrared Video Camera App for iPad

The infrared video camera app features a range of filters, including UV vision, infrared, night, and thermal vision. Users can also adjust the contrast, saturation, and color theme. The app also has a high-quality camera so that it won’t result in pixelized pictures or low-quality videos. In addition to the various filter options, the warmth detector is adjustable, so it doesn’t pick up objects that are too hot or too cold.

Infrared Camera App for iOS

A variety of infrared camera apps are available for iOS and Android. A number of apps allow users to take photos and videos using the camera. Using these apps can help you find hidden cameras and protect your privacy. However, they require a microphone and camera to work. They can also detect unwanted foreign objects.

Infrared Camera App for Android

There are plenty of free apps for infrared cameras on the play Store for android. These apps mimic professional heat detection instruments. This technology can help you take stunning pictures even in low-light conditions. You can even use these apps during the night without torchlight. So, if you’re a night owl, you can find out what’s going on in the dark with the help of an infrared camera app.

Free Infrared Camera App for Samsung

A Samsung infrared camera app lets you view the temperature of objects in a darkened environment. This camera will also detect heat figures. However, you’ll have to take into consideration environmental factors, such as temperature, to make the best use of these cameras. You can even use these apps to monitor the condition of your equipment and identify potential problems. They also provide many features for analyzing the images. You can even automate a number of functions and use voice annotations.

Free Infrared Camera Phone App

The FLIR One thermal imaging free camera app can turn your tablet into a professional thermal imaging camera. It can be used for work or recreational purposes. It can help you detect leaks and electrical faults. It speeds up a job and offers a variety of image enhancement options. In addition, this infrared camera app lets you use the camera’s buttons to record videos.

Best Real Infrared Camera App

The best real infrared app offers multiple viewing modes and supports up to 9 color palettes. It also allows you to save and share your photos. It even provides a detailed tutorial. There is also an option to change the format of the pictures you take with the app. Once you have used the app, you can take photos of any object.

Surface Pro Infrared Camera App

Another great infrared camera app is surface pro. This app has been featured in the list of 500 most unique products on the app store. It can help you monitor the temperature of objects and convert pictures to infrared using digital filters. Another excellent app for thermal imaging is Thermal Camera Illusion And Flashlight. It uses shade effects to simulate infrared thermal vision and offers various filters.

Infrared Heat Temperature Camera App

The benefits of infrared cameras go beyond heat temperature detection. They can also be used for effective home security. For example, they can help you detect smoke-filled rooms. They can also help locate smuggled weapons and chemicals. The VarioCAM HD infrared camera is a good choice for this purpose.

Actual Infrared Camera Night App Download

Infrared camera apps are available to download for Android and iPhone users. They are available in high-contrast, night-mode, and thermal imaging. The camera uses the Blue Orange Filter and has a bright flashlight to aid in night viewing. The camera is easily visible in these apps, but you must make sure to enable the flashlight mode before using the camera.

Download App

Download the infrared camera app, it is a helpful addition to home security. Its camera feature records a local video feed and sends notifications to you when motion is detected. Moreover, it offers cloud storage and lets you view the camera on your iPhone remotely. You can also use the app’s cloud-based feature to monitor your home while you are away.


  1. Virtual reality mood(VR).
  2. Portrait and landscape support.
  3. Thermo scan existing photos.
  4. Object detection.
  5. Night vision filter.


If your phone does not have a built-in infrared light sensor then this app will work as a simulation, not as a real temperature detector.

What’s New?

  1. Update google libraries.
  2. Added zoom function.

Additional Information

  • Category: Multimedia
  • Developer: Ziro Div
  • File Size: Varies with device
  • Requires OS: 5.0 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Camera, Multimedia, Storage

FAQs – Infrared Camera App​

Can iPhone Camera Detect Infrared?

No, the iPhone camera doesn’t detect infrared if it has no built-in sensor.

Do Infrared Camera App Work?

Yes, the infrared camera app is working perfectly.

Do Smartphones Have Infrared Camera?

No, by default, smartphones don’t have infrared cameras, but you can install a free one.

Is Infrared Harmful to the Body?

Yes, infrared is harmful to the body, such as Skin and Eyes.

Does Infrared Go Through Clothes?

Yes, infrared waves go through clothes.