Group Text App

Group Text App simply stays connected to those who matter most.

With the Group Text app, you can chat with family, roommates, friends, coworkers, teams, greek life, bands, faith groups, events, vacations, and much more. You can add anyone to a group by phone number or email address. You can customize your notification for chats like mute, ignore, etc. Group Text App includes exclusive emojis, meme images, gifts, sharing content, and display URLs in live chats.

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Best Group Text App for Android

The best group text app for android is a great way to communicate with many people at once. It allows you to compose messages and attach files. You can attach pictures, audio files, videos, coupons, and tiny URLs. You can even use it to send a photo message. This app is most popular with businesses because it allows you to communicate with large groups of people at once without overwhelming them with messages.

The Group Text Message app works with Messages on android and is an excellent way to send messages to many people. It allows you to group contacts into different categories and export your groups for later use. You can choose to send messages to the entire group or only select contacts. You can also send individual messages to any group in the app, but you have to pay standard text rates for the data usage.

Best Group Text App for iPhone

The best and most popular group text app for iPhone is Facebook Messenger. It is available for PCs, Macs, Linux, and Android devices. You can also use it from a web browser. Another great option is GroupMe. This messaging app was launched in 2010 and inspired by a TechCrunch Disrupt project. Its user interface is simple and allows you to create group chats without leaving the app.

Group Text App for iOS

Another benefit of a group texting app for iOS is that it can be an effective marketing tool. It can be used to ask customers questions or conduct surveys. Some group text apps even allow you to create polls. For example, if you have a pizza restaurant, you can send a poll asking people what topping they prefer on their pizza. The results can help you make product improvements and stocking decisions.

Group Text App for Blackberry

The Group text app for blackberry SMS is an excellent way to communicate news or make plans. It unites people who have common interests. It creates a positive atmosphere and helps you get the best response from the participants. However, before sending a message, you must be aware of your intended recipients. Choosing the recipient list carefully ensures you know their phone number.

Group Text Messaging App

Group text messaging app important factor to consider when selecting a group text app is the platform it runs on. Since people use different mobile devices, group text apps should be compatible with all of them. This way, they can accommodate more users. They should also be easy to use. They should also allow you to add or remove group members as needed.

Group Text App for Teachers

If you’re using a group text app, it’s best to choose one that offers features you’ll use. GroupMe provides various features for teachers and is free to download. GroupMe also allows you to share locations and media with the people in your group. You can also send private messages.

One major disadvantage to group messaging on Android is that you can’t add new students to existing groups. This feature is available in chat applications such as Facebook Messenger. Still, with the standard group messaging app on Android, you’ll have to add each new contact to your existing groups manually. In some cases, group messaging on Android is only available to iPhones. It also requires that your mobile device supports MMS.

Free Group Text App

The free feature of group text messaging apps is their ability to send messages to many people at once. Since group messages are sent over the same SMS network, they have the same size as one-on-one messages. However, with group text messages, the recipient can only reply to the creator of the group. It’s important to note that this feature allows you to send large texts without annoying advertising. The group text app can also convert SMS messages into MMS format.

Business Group Text App

Business group text messaging is essential for business settings, but it is important to remember to check who’s in the group before you send sensitive information. It is best to inform people who are in the group of the purpose of the message. Moreover, it’s best to limit the number of members in a group to the maximum number necessary for your business.

Another benefit of business text messaging is that it’s easy to use, and the recipients receive messages instantly. Each member sends replies automatically and appear as a private messages. Several group messaging apps exist, but you must first register for one.

Top 5 Group of Text App

  1. Facebook Messenger: Biggest messaging service.
  2. Groupme: Private chat room.
  3. Whatsapp: The top messaging and calling apps.
  4. Discord: Most popular for gamers.
  5. Google Hangouts: Best for any user.


  1. Leave texting behind.
  2. Share now and relive it later.
  3. Say more than words.
  4. Unlimited groups.
  5. Support different platforms.

What’s New?

  1. Campus connects the community.
  2. Fixed crashes at startup.

Additional Information

  • Category: Communication
  • Developer: GroupMe
  • File Size: 23 MB
  • Requires OS: 4.4 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Camera, Multimedia, Storage

FAQs – Group Text App​

Is There an App to Send Group Text Messages?

Yes, a Group Text App is best for sending group text messages.

Can You Add to a Group Text on iPhone?

Yes, you can add to a group text on the iPhone.

What is the Best Group Text App for Android?

GroupMe is the best group text app for android mobile phones.

How Do I Send a Text to a Large Group?

With the group text app, you can send messages to a large number of groups.

Can I Leave a Group Chat?

Yes, you can quickly leave a group chat from the group option.