GPS Speedometer

GPS speedometer app accurately measures the speed of your walking, running, jogging, car, bike, or any vehicle.

GPS Speedometer or Odometer app is one of the best apps to measure the speed of any moving thing. It provides you GPS navigation through a built-in map. It has a built-in speed alert that prevents you from getting speeding. You can measure the average speed, trip time, and total distance by using the GPS speedometer app.

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Best Gps Speedometer Gauges App for Android

GPS Speedometer is just like the Speedometer app on your Smart Phone. But this app is a superseded version for all smartphones and is now available exclusively for Android. It’s capable of functioning both in the “offline” mode and in the online mode, too; by the way-and, it seamlessly connects to GPS even faster (on average, it takes 20 seconds for it to connect). The speedometer displays your speed gauges, the speed at which you are traveling, the distance traveled, the estimated time you will reach your destination, etc.

Boat & Bicycle Gps Autometer

GPS autometer for boats and bicycles is a free, proper, and accurate application for it out there on the Android Market. And it’s pretty easy to find. With this application you can read the speed of your bicycle and boat, it can show you that in which speed now you are moving.

Cheap Universal Gps Navigation Speedometer Sensor

This universal GPS speedometer integrates with the popular Waze navigation app. If you already have this installed on your phone, you do not need to purchase this separately. However, if you are planning on buying a GPS phone in the future, I would recommend that you buy the GPS speedometer as well as the Waze app in a package. By doing this, you’ll save a lot of money since you no longer need to buy two separate applications.

Rc & Mph Speedometer App for iPhone

While these two GPS speedometer apps are extremely useful for driving fans, they are by no means the only available ones. As of right now, you can download three more GPS speedometer apps for your iPhone mobile device. They are TrafficXpress, PhoneAir, and SpeedOcean. Of course, these names are just like the previous two, with the only difference being their price. And we all know that in today’s economy, every little bit helps.

Waterproof & Speedview Gps Speedometer

waterproof Gps speedometer is specially made for boats to measure the speed of boats under the water without any problem. And speed view GPS can track your speed, distance, location, time, time elapsed, avg speed, max speed, and altitude.

Download Free Digital Gps Odometer Pro for Car

If you’re a driving enthusiast, a speedometer is definitely a must-have. From travelers to automobile mechanics, even regular drivers, speedometers have made an impact on our lives through their practical application. Whether it’s for business or personal use, a digital odometer is a must-have gadget that every car should come equipped with. So you can download this application free without any charges from here.

Reviews On Mini Wireless Gps Speedometer

The latest GPS speedometer app allows users also to track their driving history. This includes information such as the frequency of their speed alerts and accidents and the overall distance has driven. This feature is like by all the users, so, therefore, they give positive reviews on it.


  1. Works in offline mode.
  2. Instant connection.
  3. HUD modes.
  4. Different orientation.
  5. Set your desired units i.e., m/s, km/h, or mph.
  6. Attractive and straightforward interface.
  7. Minimum and maximum speed.
  8. Drive in a perfect range.
  9. Delete any entry.
  10. Siren, red light, and long vibration notification.
  11. Find latitude, longitude, and altitude of the current location.
  12. Share your location quickly.
  13. Run in the background window.
  14. View your jogging path on the map.
  15. Uses very little battery.
  16. You can reset all data in one click.

What’s New?

  1. Libraries updated.
  2. Navigation map improved.

Additional Information

  • Category: Communication
  • Developer: Varies with device
  • File Size: Varies with device
  • Requires OS: Varies with device
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Location

FAQs – GPS Speedometer

What is the Best GPS Speedometer?

GPS Speedometer and Odometer is the best speedometer app for android. You can also use DigiHUD Speedometer, Drag Racer Car Performance, SpeedView, and Ulysse Speedometer.

What Causes GPS Drift?

Being inside a building obstructs satellite data on your position, and it causes GPS drifting.

Is GPS Speedometer Accurate?

Yes, GPS speed has been shown to be more accurate than most vehicle speedometers.

Does Waze Have a Speedometer?

Waze has a speedometer in it that will indicate – with the option for an audible alert – when you’re exceeding the speed limit. Head into settings > speedometer and you’ll find all the options you might want.

Can I Download Waze to My Car Navigation?

That’s right you can now navigate with Waze via your vehicle’s in-car display, touch screens, steering wheel buttons, and other console-mounted controls.