Eye Chart

Eye Chart App helps you identify the most common eye issues.

Eye Chart app can display the different sizes of an optotype such as E, C, and Sloan with customized test distance units like meter, feet, centimeter, etc. You can also choose different display charts like full display, horizontal, vertical, and cross. The eye chart app transforms an old-style poster into a new modern test design, making this application more innovative. Keep track of your eyesight anywhere and maintain better vision all time.

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Best Free Eye Shape Chart

If you need to take a visual acuity test and have a smartphone handy, the best eye shape chart apps can help you with your task. These apps offer different charts for different distances and are also broken into sections representing varying vision levels. These apps also have features that help identify signs of eye disorders and diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma. They utilize different tests, including the Amsler Grid, Landolt-C charts, visual perception tests, and color vision screenings, to help users determine their overall eye health.

Android Eye Seeing Test Chart

Android Eye seeing test Chart Pro comes with 14 eye charts, including the “Tumbling E” chart, which is designed for patients who cannot read the Latin alphabet. This chart is especially helpful for children and illiterate adults who have difficulty reading the Latin alphabet. Users can specify whether or not they want the E to be angled to get the correct reading. The app also lets users save their favorite configurations, write visual acuity records, and manage record history.

Eye Prescription Chart for iPad

The Eye prescription Chart app for iPhone and iPad is a free service that allows users to check their vision with the help of an eye chart. The app uses the Snellen chart, which is one of the most popular charts. Participants can view the chart by swiping or pressing the screen buttons. They can also select the imperial or metric units of the charts.

Green Eye Color Chart Pro App

The green Eye color Chart pro app is helpful for assessing VA, but the results may not be representative of the results obtained with the standard Snellen chart. Researchers at the University of Melbourne have conducted a study showing that the app can produce statistically significant results but not the same as those obtained with traditional Snellen charts. To be valid, eye chart apps must be repeatable in normal and patient populations. If a smartphone app is a reliable and accurate source of eye health information, it should be endorsed by a medical professional.

Snellen Eye Exam Chart

The Snellen Eye exam Chart app can be used to compare the VA of patients in a clinic. Its VA measurement is comparable to an ETDRS chart in healthy young adults. However, this app should be studied further in a wider range of patient populations, such as ophthalmic patients. This will reveal if eye chart apps can help improve ophthalmic care.

Standard Eye Chart Letters

NYU Langone Health app: This standard eye chart with letters app helps patients find out their visual acuity. It integrates with an electronic health record, making it easy to interpret results. This eye chart app has the potential to benefit both patients and optometrists. These apps have some limitations, but the technology is improving rapidly.

EyeSight Vision Chart Wines

There are many ways to improve an eyesight vision chart app’s performance. Researchers have conducted several trials of different versions of the app. For example, Pathipati et al. (2016) studied the app in emergency rooms. Bastawrous et al. (2015) tested it with rural patients in rural Kenya. The results of both trials are promising. These studies show that eye chart apps can improve eye health. The future of eye health care is bright.

Dot Eye Type Chart Font

The dot Eye Chart font `app can also be used for visual acuity measurement. The Eye Chart app has an eye chart that displays the visual acuity of each eye. This visual acuity measurement is used to determine the correct prescription for glasses and contacts. The standard ETDRS chart and Near Chart app are in good agreement. The ETDRS chart and Eye Chart application have a high positive correlation between acuities in the eyes.


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  2. Astigmatism test.
  3. Glasses check.
  4. Color vision test charts.
  5. Food for healthy eyes.

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FAQs – Eye Chart​

How Can I Check My Eyesight at Home?

Use the eye chart app to check your eyesight at home easily.

What Line is 20 40 on the Eye Chart?

The line 20 to 40 is for the range of sight in the eye chart.

How to Read an Eye Chart?

Just wear the lens number that fit to your sight and then look the eye chart with different font size.

Are Eye Charts All the Same?

No, all eye charts are not the same.

What Letters Are on an Eye Chart?

The letters on an eye chart are C, D, E, F, L, N, O, P, T, and Z.