DraStic APK

DraStic APK app allows you to play any Nintendo game on your android smartphone.

DraStic APK is a fast Nintendo DS emulator for android to Play Nintendo games with full speed high resolutions. You can easily change your game screen to any size and modes like landscape and portrait mode. DraStic APK lets you backup and restores all the data from cloud storage instantly. It supports and detects any game file like game file .nds, .zip, .7z, .rar from local SD card storage and internal storage as well.

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Drastic 3Ds Emulator  R2 5.0 3a Apk for Android

If you are looking for a free and effective solution to your device problem, then look no further than the Google Android app 3Ds DraStic DS Emulator. This version of Ds emulator R2 5.0 3a will make your Android device an actual gaming console. It allows you to play any DS game title at amazing speeds. In fact, you could say it is a one-stop-shop for all your gaming needs! With it, you could play Nintendo DS games at incredible speeds.

Drastic Ds Emulator Paid Apk

Drastic Ds Emulators is also very suitable if you are trying to develop mobile apps for the android platform. Emulators are used to testing apps and make them run on the most advanced mobile platforms. As we all know, there are a lot of apps being released every day, and some of them are not going to be successful even with a few weeks of being on the market. To ensure that your app is a success, you must make sure that the app runs on the most popular Android platform. Android Emulators offers a paid full-speed solution to this problem, and it is widely used by developers all over the world. But we provide that paid offer free to all the users for android devices. So you can freely install the paid version free and enjoy it.

Download Free Ds Emulator APK Full Version 

Google has come up with two approaches to address the need of Android users to download and use an effective full version of DS emulator freely. The first approach is to develop a Google Play app that allows you to synchronize your existing Android device with your Google account. The second approach uses the Chrome browser and the ChromeOS device driver to allow you to sync your devices freely. The second option will work only if you have an ideal Google Chromium browser version and the Android support library features. However, both of these methods are complex and require technical expertise in order to implement them successfully.


  1. Support 3D graphics.
  2. Physical controller experience.
  3. Save and stop stages.
  4. Unlimited cheat codes.
  5. Support google drive synchronization.
  6. Customize button locations.
  7. Support any file size.
  8. Crash Free Emulator.
  9. Traditional Games experience.
  10. No complicated settings.

What’s New?

  1. Fix crashes.
  2. Chromebook support added.
  3. Remove full ads.
  4. Remove Vungle SDK.

Additional Information

  • Category: Game
  • Developer: Exophase
  • File Size: 15 MB
  • Requires OS: 4.1 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Contact, Storage

FAQs – DraStic APK

Is Drastic Free?

Yes, Drastic is totally free to use for all android users.

Can Drastic Play Multiplayer?

DraStic can’t play multiplayer because it is an emulator.

Can You Play Online With Drastic Ds Emulator?

Yes, you can play online with a DraStic DS emulator.

Can Drastic Emulator Play 3ds Games?

So in short – No, it isn’t possible to play 3DS games on a standard NDS Emulator.

Why Does My Drastic Emulator Crash?

There are several factors that can cause this such as a corrupted game file, save file, or app.