Digital Ruler

Measure everything with an advanced on-screen Digital Ruler App.

It is a powerful augmented reality tool for a better measurement experience. You can measure the size of small objects by placing them on the device’s screen. Digital Ruler App can copy the current length to the clipboard and share it with other devices. The app includes a different unit converters such as mm to inches, centimeter to inches, feet to inches, etc., and calculates the length, straight line, area caliper, and much more.

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Digital Ruler iPhone App

Using a digital ruler iPhone app is useful for a variety of tasks. It helps you measure angles and radii. You simply position an object on the screen and use the touch screen to adjust the measuring area. The app shows the result in inches or centimeters, depending on your preferences. It can be used on smartphones and tablets.

Digital Ruler Inches

A digital ruler inches app is extremely accurate. They work in any web browser, so you can use them to measure objects wherever you are. You can also calibrate them with millimeter accuracy, which is handy if you frequently measure. To calibrate a digital ruler, find an object that is well known for its measurement and align it with the ruler. Its measurement should match up perfectly with the object to ensure accuracy.

Digital Scale Ruler

This free digital scale ruler app transforms your smartphone into a ruler and vernier caliper. It works on Android and iOS devices and will help you measure lengths and distances in centimeters or inches. You can also use it to measure surface areas, thread pitches, and other objects. This app is compatible with various measurement units and can even be calibrated with a credit card. It is easy to use and has a large number of features.

Digital Angle Ruler

The digital angle Ruler app is free and contains no ads or in-app purchases. It has an elegant modern design and features a user-friendly interface. The ruler snaps to the edge of the screen, so it’s easy to measure larger items. And it’s only 1.5 MB in size! It’s worth a try if you want to calibrate your ruler.

Digital PD Ruler

Another free option is the Digital PD ruler app. It uses photos to generate measurements, and you can choose the most appropriate ones for your project. You can use up to eight pictures for this option, and the app works quite well. It is an excellent choice for big projects but not for measurements of a smaller scale. A free app like this works surprisingly well and is very easy to use.

Digital Protractor Ruler

The Digital protractor Ruler App is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. To install it on your phone, you can install the Bluestacks emulator. Bluestacks comes with a built-in Google Play store. To install it, you must open the Play store and select “Inches & cm.” Once installed, you can see the Digital Ruler App under your installed apps.

Digital Electronic Caliper Ruler

There are also other digital electronic caliper ruler apps that you can use to measure distances accurately. The Viewers’ visual ruler requires a few steps and calibration. It is a useful tool for estimating the length of larger objects. You can even get a camera-based visible ruler for your phone. With these apps, you will be able to measure everything with ease.

Digital Accurate Measuring Ruler

In addition to measuring height and volume, this digital accurate measuring app also has a 3D rendering option that shows the dimensions of your home. But before you can use the app, you must ensure you have a clear view of your house. Some people have complained about being unable to measure their houses because of trees and other obstacles. To use the app correctly, you should have a clear view of your house from all sides.

Realistic Digital Ruler

You can use your smartphone if you need to measure something in a hurry. The smartphone is too small to be a real ruler, but it can measure things differently. You can even use it to measure angles. The best realistic digital ruler apps can help you measure angles. You can even export your measurements as an Xls file.

Super Accurate Digital Ruler

The super accurate digital ruler app allows you to measure angles on a 3D plane. It also has features like fast converting between metric and imperial units and copying measurements to the clipboard. This app can also measure a room’s perimeter and export them in PDF format. It can also measure the height of an object. Its trigonometry technology allows it to give you accurate results.


  1. Accuracy measurement.
  2. Simple calibration.
  3. Graph paper.
  4. 15 languages supported.
  5. Support 3D measurement.
  6. Angle and parameter.
  7. Stylish design.

What’s New?

  1. Support for Android Oreo added.
  2. UI improved.

Additional Information

  • Category: Utilities
  • Developer: Grymala
  • File Size: 9.1 MB
  • Requires OS: 4.2 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Microphone, Storage 

FAQs – Digital Ruler​

Is There an Online Ruler?

Digital Ruler is both an online and offline ruler for your smartphone.

Can I Measure Using My Phone?

You can measure anything using your phone by installing a digital ruler app.

How Do I Get the Ruler on My Screen?

Install the digital ruler app, and then add its widget to the home screen.

How Many Cm Are in a Ruler?

In a standard ruler, there is 30 centimeters (CM).

How Do You Use a Virtual Ruler?

Simply install any mobile ruler app, and then use it virtual feature.