The app lets you unblocked all network lock devices in order to use them on other network providers. It unlocked almost every brand mobile such as Apple, Blackberry, LG, HTC, Huawei, iPhone, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Sony Ericsson, etc. Device Unlock app is a powerful tool that even works with custom ROM and JB ROM and also won’t relock after reboot. Get free permanent to unlock codes without affecting manufacturer warranty.


  1. 100% secure and legal.
  2. 24/7 customer supported.
  3. Show error reports.
  4. Support rooted ROM.
  5. Very low in prices.

What’s New?

  1. Added support for the latest devices.
  2. Compatible Enhanced.

Additional Information

  • Category: Security
  • Developer: T-Mobile USA
  • File Size: 1.4 MB
  • Requires OS: 4.4 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Phone, Network Connections

FAQs - Device Unlock App​

Yes, You can unlock your phone for free of cost. FCC mandated that all the carriers can unlock phones for their consumers for free and it’s legal.

Yes, You can easily unlock your mobile device. Simply ring your Network provider and ask for a NUC (Network Unlock Code).

iPhone can be unlocked based on the IMEI number, the owner which is currently using, and the country of the device. You can also get that information using the carrier Lock Status.

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