Check In App

Check In App

Customize your check in process with signature, photo or survey with Check In-App.

Check In App


Check In App is the attendance tracking solution for more than 1200 users such as Construction sites, Gyms, Universities, Schools, and Sports teams. You can create check-in links with QR code passes so visitors can keep these on their smartphones. The app even stores information in one place with custom fields like birth dates, age, and membership plan. You can set up custom admin or team notification on check-in through SMS. This app makes it easy to Check-in any events or schedule


  1. Add authorized people.
  2. Work with Excel.
  3. Support multiple devices.
  4. Eliminate Check In lines.
  5. Touchless Check In.
  6. Enable dark mode.

What’s New?

  1. Performance improved.
  2. Location list update.

Additional Information

  • Category: Communication
  • Developer: One Tap
  • File Size: 116.6 MB
  • Requires OS: 9.0 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Microphone, Device ID & call information, Storage

FAQs - Check In App​

Daily Check In means wellbeing check-in, Welfare check, and social-emotional learning activity.

Yes, If you have bags to check then checking in online can still save your time.

With the check-in app you can easily track every employee location.