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Album Cover Maker

Create beautiful album arts for your music without any professional graphic designing with the Album Cover Maker app. Album cover maker is one of the best apps for creating beautiful covers, awesome design, and promoting your audios. You can create stunning CD covers with a graphic designing experience. Choose exciting stickers for your rap cover […]

Row Counter

A Row Counter app is best for knitting and crocheting that helps in increasing design and change of color. The row counter app keeps track of which row you are in a knitting pattern. It can be used very quickly, when you complete a row of knitting, you tick off one mark on your counter […]

How Old am I

By using the How Old am I app, you can find your exact age in year, month, week, etc. In different cultures, age is calculated in different ways and the How Old am I app will easily calculate your age in year, month, week, day, hours, minutes, seconds, and events in milliseconds. You can count […]

Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch app is one of the most beautiful collage making and best photo editing tool. Pic Stitch app is a powerful tool with impressive amounts of filters, effects, for making your photos more stunning. Create awesome pictures of you and your friends and share the magic and beauty with the world through social networks. […]

Hair Color App

Hair color app gives great color to your hair and makes your physical presentation more beautiful. Changing your hair color is now very easy and simple with the hair color app. Select your favorite and suited color from the 300+ color collection. Hair is the first thing in your body that people notice about you […]

Troll Maker

Troll Maker app creates funny “memes” and “trolls” for social networks chat groups. Troll Maker app is the complete and quick image editor, memes, and Troll creator. It includes standard templates without watermarks on the images. You can resize text, pictures, and add text captions for many purposes. The app is reliable for creating memes, […]

Passport Photo App

Save your time and money with the Passport Photo app and create Professional passport size photos for official use. Passport app can create official photo sizes for all countries like the USA, Germany, Italy, and more with a single sheet of 3×4, 4×4, 4×6, 5×7, or A4 paper. Make your photos more professional by changing […]

Hairstyle App

Hairstyle app provides the best style that exactly suits you. Changing the hairstyle gives a new look to your personality and looks. The hairstyle app chooses the hairstyle according to your skin tone and your face structure. This app will convince you to change your hairstyle by finding the perfect match for your hair. You […]

Ship Name Generator

Ship Name Generator is a powerful tool that quickly generates unique, funny, cute, cool, military, and mass effect names. Ships come in many shapes and different sizes so their name must be according to these parameters. The ship name generator is able to create millions of fantastic names for every shipowner. All you need is […]

Vision Board App

Vision Board App visualizes your goal and turns your dream into reality. Vision board is a powerful tool that expresses your aspiration and physically represents the dream that you want to achieve in your life. Vision board app is like digital fun, you can manage daily tasks, mark and unmark important notes, drag, and drop, […]