Category: Health

Newborn Feeding Schedule

Newborn Feeding Schedule is the most advanced and useful baby care app. The app will accompany you from the day your baby is born and will be able to track day by day and week-by-week development of your baby. Newborn Feeding Schedule App provides the mother community where you can easily answer and ask a […]

Best Period Tracker App

Best Period Tracker App is an ovulation calculator for irregular periods. If you can not remember the date of your last and next coming periods then the Best Period Tracker App will count and predict the future periods and fertile days for you. It reliably predicts the accurate periods day based on your menstrual history. […]

Step Counter

Step Counter is the most accurate and simple auto-daily step tracker app. Step Counter App shows burned calories, walking distance, duration, and health data with initiative graphs data. The app uses a built-in sensor to record your step accurately and even work when the screen is locked, saving your battery life. You can easily Pause, […]

Eye Chart

Eye Chart App helps you identify the most common eye issues. Eye Chart app can display the different sizes of an optotype such as E, C, and Sloan with customized test distance units like meter, feet, centimeter, etc. You can also choose different display charts like full display, horizontal, vertical, and cross. The eye chart […]

Dog Breed Identifier

A dog breed identifier will reliably identify your dog’s breed in just a few seconds. The app provides interesting facts about the different breeds of your mixed breed dog. You can also scan yourself, friends, family, and other people and find out which dog you resemble the most. The app currently identifies more than 370 […]

Macro Tracker

Macro Tracker app can be used as a meal planner and calorie counter. Eat what you want and easily register your food diary, carbohydrate, protein, and fat targets with the macro tracker app. You can edit your calorie requirement and macronutrients in percentages and grams. You can export your meal plan to any document format […]

Sobriety Counter

Sobriety Counter App helps you to analyze and beat all your bad habits. Sobriety Counter is specially designed for overcoming addictions like junk food and sugar. You can add the day you made the bad habit and the amount of money you spent on it. It provides a ton of interesting statistics about your time […]

Device Health Services App

Device Health Services App intelligently tests and checks your device’s health performance and battery life. Find out all problems that slow down your device with full details such as Model number, Manufacturer, Board, Android Version, Serial, ID, Type, User, Base, Incremental SDK, Host, and Fingerprint. Click on the “Test My Device” button and quickly diagnose […]

Mood Tracker App

Mood Tracker App captures your emotions, moods, thoughts and general well-being. Mood Tracker App is everything you need for good mental health. It gives a deeper understanding of yourself and helps you become a better you. The app gets a quick survey every day and gains insight into what and how it influences you over […]

Optimism App

Motivate your mindset and successfully achieve your life goals with the optimism app. Optimism app works as a psychologist and life coach that helps you to overcome challenges. Select affirmation from the list for inspiration and train your own mind. The app helps you to focus on the same set of affirmations, positive thoughts, and […]