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GBA Emulator APK

GBA Emulator APK is an advanced emulator that plays almost any Gameboy game on your smartphone. This emulator APK is perfectly compatible with most of the famous games like Minish Cap, Super Circuit, Fire Man, Aria of Sorrow, Side-Scrolling, Super Mario, and many more of the Pokemon series. You can adjust different aspects of the […]

Remote Play APK

Remote Play APK lets you play your favorite games remotely with the lowest possible latency. Remote Play APK will cast your PlayStation 4 and 5 directly on your Android or another device screen. It also allows you to join voice chat using a mobile microphone and enable text chatting through a mobile keyboard. Remote Play […]

Minecraft Banner Maker

Minecraft Banner Maker freely generate cool and custom designs with all the patterns and colors for the Minecraft game. Create cool banners according to your taste and share them with your friends. It creates the highest quality Minecraft banner and helps you to attract more players to your server. Minecraft Banner Maker app will let […]

DraStic APK

DraStic APK app allows you to play any Nintendo game on your android smartphone. DraStic APK is a fast Nintendo DS emulator for android to Play Nintendo games with full speed high resolutions. You can easily change your game screen to any size and modes like landscape and portrait mode. DraStic APK lets you backup […]

MTG Familiar

MTG familiar is a powerful mobile application for magic players. The application includes two-player life counters which track life, poison, and history of changes. It also includes dying roller choices such as D2, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D100. You can search any card in the game without an internet connection like name, […]


NDS boy is a nintendo DS emulator which brings back android phones to portable video game consoles. It is a basic emulator and capable to run all ROMS that you want. Copy your own .nds game file to SD card or internal memory and run all video games smoothly. NDS boy emulators use uncompress ROM […]

Sixaxis Controller APK

Sixaxis Controller APK gives you the perfect gaming console experience on your mobile device. Now you can play every game on your android phone the way they were meant to be played. The Sixaxis Controller APK needs root access and requires manual pairing with the pc and a mini USB cable. The touch emulation function […]

Breeding Calculator

Breeding Calculator provides the most authentic result rate for breeding 2 dragons in-game. Breeding Calculator is a player update tool that accurately finds out the best breeding combination of required dragons. This calculator will save your time and intelligently help you to get legacy dragons in free play social network dragon city game. Also, try […]

Gamertag Generator

Gamertag Generators help you to generate a good username or nickname that should be relevant to what you want to behave. This app generates a random gamertag for your new character or user profile for online or offline games. A good nickname can help you become more famous, especially in games like PUBG etc. So […]