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Best Scanner App

Best Scanner App converts your mobile into a mini pocket scanner. Scan all documents and export them to any type of format with the best scanner app. It is able to quickly scan images, bills, receipts, books, magazines, class notes, and much more. Scanner App is a useful tool for school students, college students, business […]

Time Management App

Increase your productivity and improve your daily routine with Time Management App. Time Management App is based on routines and most suitable for everyone who values their time like freelancers, students, and workers. You can easily customize your task on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Create attractive custom tags for different activities and schedules. […]

Hurricane Tracker App

Hurricane tracker app lets you know instantly about rapidly rotating storm systems or any adverse weather conditions. The Hurricane Tracker app can alert you when the storm is approaching your chosen location. It provides a full detailed forecast of when the storm will hit with an exact time prediction. It is the best tool for […]

Gothic Font Generator

Gothic Font Generator converts all numbers and letters to the gothic style text. The Gothic Font Generator is a perfect and amazing tool that can be used for special occasions like Halloween in October. This font style used European languages in the 12th century but now it is mostly used for decorative purposes. There are […]

Dog Whistle

With the Dog Whistle app, you can train and teach new tricks to your dog. Dogs can hear higher frequencies than humans and this app plays a high-pitched sound to stop your dog from barking. Dog whistle app emits sound ranges from 100 to 22,000 Hz. You can adjust the frequency slider for sound pitch […]

Time Calculator

Time calculator app converts and calculates milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. Time calculator app allows you to easily add, and subtract time values without the need to convert those values into their decimal counterparts also lets you multiply and divide time values by whole numbers such as 8 hours + 2 […]

Free Calculator App

Free calculator app easily and quickly performs the fundamental operation and engineering calculations. It is a free and perfect calculator app for shopping, doing homework, balancing checkbooks, or even calculating taxes, mathematical problems, and scientific operations such as trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential function. You can easily convert various types of units, such as area, length, […]

Accurate Japanese Translator

The app quickly translates Japanese to English and English to Japanese accurately. The accurate Japanese translator app is very useful for people studying foreign languages and for those who want to learn the Japanese language. It supports translating Japanese documents, websites, messages, swing travel, and Japanese handwriting. The app provides unlimited words with definitions, examples, […]

Mushroom Identification

Mushroom Identification app lets you identify 15000 types of mushrooms. The app provides several important nutrients and varying compositions. Mushrooms are beneficial for health and avoid different diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart attack, and also help in pregnancy. Mushroom Identification app categorizes it by vitamins such as riboflavin or B-21 flotation or B91 thiamine, or […]


Sharktivity is an Atlantic white shark sighting and resource app. Sharktivity provides information about white shark fish detection, movements, and sightings and peacefully helps people‚Äôs awareness. The app supports scientific research, improves public safety, and educates the community to inspire the conservation of Atlantic white sharks. Sharktivity App aims to raise awareness of peaceful coexistence […]