Business Card Scanner

Business Card Scanner app converts your paper card into a digital card.

The Business Card Scanner app automatically saves the contact to your mobile phone and you will not need to waste time in manual data entry on any business contact. The app is perfectly working for sales agents, businessmen, public dealing fields, entrepreneurs, and much more. Business Card app uniquely designed to reliably scan any card 100% accurately. It uses advanced OCR technology for capturing so you will not need to handle a lot of cards in your wallet.

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Business Card Scanner App to Google Contacts

Taking a picture of somebody s special business card for you is fine, but then again, taking a picture of somebody else s special business card is even better! But, since a busy business owner, don’t you want to add a couple of extra steps to your everyday life? Don t you want to quickly lookup a Google contact information without having to go through the trouble of searching the phone book or looking through the white pages? If you do, then you should try using a business card scanner. Before you get all excited and buy one of these nifty little gadgets, let me ask you a couple of questions.

Why would you want an android app if not for windows phone? You see, there are specific differences between the two operating systems. First off, Android has been reported to be less secure than iPhones because many hackers have developed applications that can spy on text messages or emails sent from an iPhone. On the other hand, if you are going to buy an app for your smartphone, would t it be better to go with the best business card scanner for your device? After all, the business card scanner is the tool you want to use to ensure that the information you are about to input into the program is correct. So which one is the best?

Best Free Business Card Scanner App for iPhone

To answer this question, you need to look at how people are viewing free business card scanners for iPhones right now. The first place I would look is on the internet. There are two popular apps: One is called everyone, and the other is called Dropbox. I would go with the latter over the former because the former allows for more customization. Some of the other features that the Dropbox app offers (Dropbox Passwords and Dropbox Enterprise Portal) can be disabled once you have become a member. This way, you can keep your contacts and tasks personal but have the convenience of using a business card scanner app for an iPhone.

Business Card Scanner to Excel and Outlook

So we know that there are two popular choices for business card scanners for Excel and outlook. However, there are certain things you should consider before purchasing one. Which one is going to work best for your device? What are your overall needs? Here are a few things to consider before making a purchase.

Will your Excel and outlook scanner be able to handle large amounts of data? If so, then you should consider buying a device that comes with mobile apps. Many gadgets available are only capable of handling a certain amount of contact information. If you plan to send large files, for example, you will probably want to purchase a business card scanner that supports scanning large files (such as excel spreadsheets). This will allow you to check and send large files without any issues. In addition to this, some devices will enable you to upload your contact information to the device.

iOS Business Card Scanner App 2021

Another factor that you should consider is what kind of scanning you are looking for in 2021. Do you only need iOS scan business cards? Or do you also want to scan contact cards and other items? There are now several different kinds of apps available in the App Store. Some specialize in a particular type of scanning. For example, a program called Magic Scanner Pro helps you scan a range of documents, such as receipts, bar codes, PDA documents, and more.

Android Business Card Scanner Software for Windows Phone

Can an android BC scanner for windows phone help me with my daily tasks? Some people don’t want to take chances with their contacts and documents. It helps to be prepared and organized. A smartphone app for windows phones will allow you to keep track of your files, know who has sent you a reminder, and even receive email updates. Not only does this feature help you to save contact information, but it helps you stay organized.

Will my company benefit from having this CRM tool? Some companies have found that having an android business card scanner on hand allows them to get leads and retain those leads. The tips that you capture can be sent to your lead manager, which helps automate many business processes. Even though this is a great CRM application, it is also suitable for small businesses that don’t have the resources to purchase an in-house CRM system.


  1. Fetch card details.
  2. Scan QR code.
  3. Create digital cards.
  4. Auto-scan.
  5. Support google account.
  6. Auto backup.
  7. Export contacts.
  8. Advance card organizer.

What’s New?

  1. VI and UX improved.
  2. Backup card option added.
  3. Add two subscriptions.
  4. Google contact support added.

Additional Information

  • Category: Finance
  • Developer: EclixTech
  • File Size: 5.2 MB
  • Requires OS: 4.1 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Contact, Storage, Multimedia

FAQs – Business Card Scanner​

Can You Scan a Business Card?

Yes, you can scan business cards quickly by using a business card scanner app.

Does Google Have a Business Card Scanner?

Yes, Google also has a business card scanner.

Can You Take a Picture of a Business Card and Add to Contacts?

Yes, you can take a picture of a business card and add it to contacts easily with a business card scanner app.

How Do I Scan Multiple Business Cards?

Go to the main screen of your business card app, tap on the scan button. Open the camera view. Simply click on the next button to scan another business card.