BPM Finder


BPM Finder app is a tempo monitoring tool for drummers, bands, and DJs. It reports high-quality results with efficient music energy. The app is designed as a professional tool for testing and detecting the beats accurately. BPM Finder app is useful and very helpful for the enhancement of musical expression. It helps you to identify the slowdown and speedup of your musical instrument.


  1. Detection engine.
  2. Handle genres.
  3. Strong impulses.
  4. Accentuated rhythm instrument.
  5. Time signature.
  6. Live results.
  7. Tempo curve.
  8. Multiple zoom modes.
  9. Audio spectrum analysis.
  10. Low battery drain.
  11. Efficient algorithms.
  12. More flexibility.
  13. Favorite artists.

What’s New?

  1. New privacy policy added.
  2. Add support for arm 64-v8a and x86.
  3. Beat testing improves.

Additional Information

  • Category: Multimedia
  • Developer: Daniel Bach
  • File Size: 77K
  • Requires OS: 2.1 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Microphone, Network Connections

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FAQs - BPM Finder

 Tachycardia is considered to be a high BPM.

“Thousand” was listed in Guinness World Records for having the fastest tempo in BPM of any released single.

What about this Love, premier club, sean, and Nathan, etc have 120 beats per minute.

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