Best VR Apps

Best VR Apps launch your favorite VR experiences on your smartphone.

Best VR Apps let you view videos, photosphere, and other content stored in your device in Virtual Reality mode. VR App provides the application in the gaming world, Education sectors, Social Networks, Vehicle Simulators, Medicine fields, and Car design. It cut you from the real world and creates a virtual space where you can dream and do everything you want like fly to the sky full of stars and more.

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Best Apps for Vr Headsets and Cardboard

Are you wondering what is the best VR apps for phones today? I was just in the same boat as you a few months ago when I started looking for the best VR apps for headsets and cardboard. I’m sure that most people who have been around for a while know exactly which ones are worth their time. The problem is that there are so many to choose from, it can be hard to tell which ones are indeed the top options.If you’re not familiar with the best VR apps for phones and cardboard, then let me fill you in. An in-cell VR app is designed to work with your android devices. Yep, you can now use your phone or tablets to view or even create virtual adventures, so you don’t have to waste buckets on a pricey VR headset to test it out. There are tons of great apps available, both for playing or designing VR and for actually creating your very own.

One of the best VR apps for phones available for free right now is called cardboard astronaut. This application will take you into space and give you all sorts of realistic options on how you can survive, like floating away in zero gravity, having problems breathing, etc. Best of all, it is entirely free!

Best Free Vr Apps for Android and iPhone

Next on our list of the best VR apps for phones are the excellent iPhone Immersion headset and the Sonex virtual reality headset from App Store. Both of these devices use the latest App Store Cardboard software platform to give you a truly immersive experience to bring the natural world into your pocket. To me, this is hands down the best way to experience VR. Not only does the iPhone Immersion let you go hands-free in VR, but it also connects to your Android smartphone via a micro USB cable, so you don’t need a laptop to get started. Best of all, it supports both Cardboard and Android apps.

Paid 3d iOS Vr Apps for Games

The following two best VR apps for phones are also apps you’d expect to find on high-end smartphones: Plexo and Lucid. These apps make everything you know about video creation and manipulation possible on your phone for games. With Plexo, you can create 360-degree videos right on your iOS. With Lucid, you’ll be able to capture your vacation moments from any location and share them with family and friends anywhere in the world with just the touch of a button. These two are the ultimate examples of the best apps for VR.

Of course, the best VR experiences you’ve ever had may have come from using the high-end VR headsets that allow you to immerse yourself within the scene entirely and environment you’re in. Jaunt is an excellent example of a high-end headset that lets you go hands-free within VR scenes. You don’t have to stand still or move anything. All you have to do is look at the environment and the action that takes place around you. If you own an in-cell or smartphone with a motion sensor, this is a no-brainer; but if you’re not one of the lucky few that has one yet, Jaunt could help you out.

Virtual Reality Apps for Education and Kids

The final group of the best VR apps for phones are those developed for the Rift. Unlike the previous two headsets mentioned, the Rift lets you use your body to go through virtual reality experiences. This makes it a lot more fun than other headsets, but it’s also a little bit more complicated to learn. Fortunately, there are many courses online that teach you everything you need to know about mobile VR for education and kids.

Hopefully, this article gave you some valuable insights into some of the best VR apps for mobile phones for kids. Mobile VR is still a very new technology, and there are still so many ways that it’s shaping up to be a highly advanced technology education that we won’t truly see until it gets too mainstream. If you want to jump on the bandwagon, however, check out our favorite VR headsets, like the Rift and Gear VR. They’re sure to give you the best VR experience.

Top 5 Best VR Apps:

  1. Best VR Apps: Provides real gaming world.
  2. Discovery VR: 360-degree videos.
  3. Google Arts & Culture: Cultural dream world.
  4. Minos Starfighter: Arcade space shooter.
  5. Romans from Mars 360: All-time favorite Romans experience.


  1. Stream 3D videos.
  2. 360 video supported.
  3. VR video players.
  4. VR camera supported.
  5. VR browsing.
  6. VR photo gallery.
  7. Virtual Reality Internet experience.
  8. Beautiful immersive stories.
  9. VR documentaries.
  10. Hand-pick real photo.
  11. No charges.
  12. No Ads.

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FAQs – Best VR Apps​

What Are the Best VR Apps for iPhone?

  • Best VR Apps
  • YouTube VR
  • VRSE
  • NYT VR
  • Jaunt VR

Are VR Apps Free?

Yes, VR apps are free.

Which Phones Are VR Compatible?

Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8+.

How Do I See Apps in Vr?

Swipe down to get “app details,” and that’ll open up the google play store. Punch the “open” button and enjoy your android library in VR.