Best Compass App works accurately all over the world. It is the best partner app for picnics, camping, hiking, and boating. The app includes a cardinal bearing that gives a quick way of expressing direction. It works perfectly without requiring any internet connection.

Top 5 Best Compass App:

  1. DIGITAL COMPASS GPS SMART TOOL: Includes full sensor information.
  2. Compass 360 Pro Free: Works worldwide without an internet connection.
  3. Smart Compass for Android: indicates the correct Qibla direction.
  4. Compass Maps: support classic, Fengshui compass, and compass on the map.
  5. GPS Compass Navigator: Voice navigation and Share your location.


  1. Incredibly smooth movement.
  2. Multiple languages.
  3. Real compass experience.
  4. Accurate reading.
  5. Exact coordinates.
  6. Fast and lightweight.
  7. Moon and sun direction indicator.
  8. Professional design.
  9. Magnetic sensor.
  10. Built-in GPS.

What’s New?

  1. 3D view added.
  2. Advance setting added.
  3. Uses interface optimize.

Additional Information

  • Category: Utilities
  • Developer: varies with device
  • File Size: varies with device
  • Requires OS: varies with device
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Storage, Network Connections, location

FAQs - Best Compass App

Yes, compass apps accurately work on android devices. You can download the best free compass app from the site.

Yes, Apps like CityMaps2Go and Compass 360 Pro work fine without signals.

Yes, the phone compass point true north when Location Services is turned on.

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