Best Android Widgets

Widget is the unique feature of the Android OS and is the shortest way to access the basic functions of an app.

With the richness of features, Android is always on the top. One of the great features that are the part of the platform since 2009 is ‘Widgets’. The best Android widgets add value to your smartphones by placing timely information and complex functions on the home screen, where you can access easily. They save more of your steps and help you get more accomplished in less time. The best Android widget doesn’t disappoint you and gives an easy way to move to your goal. Any app on your device has widgets that appear in the secondary menu, then simply hold the widget and place it anywhere on the home screen you want.

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Best Free Android Widgets

Widgets make your life easier; these are mini mobile apps that place on your Android phone’s home screen. Smartphones now have several built-in widgets, but you can download the best gadgets from Google Playstore. Most widgets are free and compatible with all Android phones but check system requirements that work with your device.

Best Free Widget for Clock & Weather 2021

Clock widgets are so practical and attractive that they circle the home screen with date and time. They include colors and customizable fonts, 12/24 hour clock support. After setting the current location in the weather widget, you can view the current temperature at a glance. They support customizable displays. It’s free and looks pretty on home screen themes.

  1. 1Weather: Track thunderstorms, snow, and stay safe.
  2. Battery Widget Reborn: Simple but powerful battery saver functionality.
  3. Quotes Widget: Bring inspirational quotes on your home screen.
  4. KWGT: Kustom Widget Maker.
  5. Another Widget: Intelligently summarizes the information you need most.

Useful Widgets for S9 & Note 8

Everybody’s like the S9 lock screen. Samsung Galaxy collects the best widgets, lock screens, and wallpapers for S9 & Note 8. They have a dark theme option, tablet support and can adjust the size if it’s incorrect. You can customized colors, text, date format, mode, align, social apps on Google bar, and more.

  1. Google keep notes
  2. Wifi toggle
  3. counter
  4. Tasker
  5. yowindow weather
  6. scheduling

Cool Google & Samsung Widgets

Widgets are cool and made Android better than iOS. Samsung and Google designed widgets with the best features like quick settings, app shortcuts, and always-on display; there are too many reasons to have them. The widgets didn’t get enough concentration, but they are still in use and add aesthetic appeal to your home screens.

Best Counter Widgets for Windows 10

Using the Counter widgets on your PC or Mac, you need to download a desktop app emulator for your computer. Counter Widget is the best tally counter app for PC and works on Windows 10/8/7. The interface is simple, effective, and listed in the topmost tally counter widgets.

Email Settings for Android Widgets

Android Widgets for Email Settings will turn your home screen into a powerful productivity hub. Check your new emails, scroll previous, compose new ones, and handle multiple accounts through Email widgets. Email service is efficient and helpful to manage and track personal and professional emails from one place. It’s not only for mail checking also used for other email service accounts.

Storage Briefing Widgets

Storage Briefing Widgets puts favorite topics at your fingertips. Widgets are helpful that add value to your smartphone by putting complex functions on your home screen. Briefing provides a summary of personalized news; stay informed and focus on what matters to you. The briefing can disable by pinch zooming out on the home screen.

Beautiful Photo Listing Widgets

Keep your favorite photos on your home screen with beautiful photo listing widgets. Many UI/UX designers don’t know how to create a photo widget for Android. You can create a unique widget of your choice from your pictures. There is a slide show, fantastic transition effects, and a zoom image with pure resolution.

Download Free Widgets for iOS

Customize your home screen with color widgets, handy and aesthetic within seconds. Create your own stunning pre-made widgets designs. Find endless options like countdowns, date, battery, weather updates, quotes, and more. Download widgets for iOS and keep yourself updated with daily, hourly, and current weather, calendar, reminders, and more.

Funny Hd Widgets for Kids

Funny widgets are for kids to learn with joy. HD widgets can help with a clear image of entertainment. It’s an easy way for kids to know the difficulties with useful gadgets that run on every Android phone and tablet and the PC with the help of an emulator. On Hd widgets, tap to select colors, icons, clocks, layouts, and backgrounds.

New Best Android Widget Apps

Personalize your device through Android Widgets can be a great choice. Try different functionalities, interactive elements, facilitate the daily lives, and optimize all aspects of the device. Android Widgets Apps are also now available as factory-installed tools. Facebook and bank apps have the feature. Now download the apps and widgets to make the different designs of your device.

Free Home Screen Apple Widgets

Save your time and free yourself by adding your favorite widgets to the Apple home screen’s phone. Widgets lets you personalize your home screen and starts with highly customized from date to weather to astronomy. You can set dynamically like show the weather first in the morning, then calendar, and then switch your activity ring progress as you wrap up your day.

Sports Calendar Widgets for Android Tablet

Calendar Widgets are helpful for the busy person. Great for remembering dates, keeping track of family birthdays, sports events, notifications, and more. The Sports Calendar Widgets works on both phone and tablet. Carry customized features, Google Calendar support, tasks, and holidays. It will show the upcoming appointments on your home screen directly.

What’s New?

  1. Fixed a rare crash.
  2. Performance Improved.

Additional Information

  • Category: Utilities
  • Developer: Varies with App
  • File Size: Varies with Version
  • Requires OS: 4.0 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Calendar, Storage, Multimedia

FAQs – Best Android Widgets

Where Can I Get More Widgets for My Android?

You can easily download widgets from Google Play store and other third-party stores such as, etc.

How Do I Customize My Widgets?

Hold a widget on a home screen and move to app settings. The widget screen will show where you can customize the widget according to your mood.

Can Widgets Be Deleted?

Yes, widgets can be deleted from your devices by long press the widget and dragging to top or bottom towards the trash.

What Is a Widget?

Widgets take apps to another level by creating a larger space and give you quick access without opening the desired app.

How to Download Widgets?

  • Tap and hold the widget you would like to add.
  • Drag and drop the widget onto the available space.