Amino Acid Quiz
Amino Acid Quiz


An amino acid is a type of organic acid and a building block for proteins. They are the critical parts of our bodies and essential for physiological functions such as protein synthesis, tissue repair, and nutrient absorption. Using the Amino Acid Quiz app, you can now learn the names, structural formulas, 1-letter codes, and 3-letter codes for each of 20 essential amino acids. You can also improve and test your knowledge by solving customizable quizzes in the following six topics.

  1. Amino acid names
  2. Structural formulas
  3. 1-Letter codes
  4. 3-Letter codes
  5. Codons
  6. Sidechain classes


  1. Support multiple languages.
  2. All topics free to study.


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What’s New?

  1. Added side-chain classification quizzes.
  2. Added sound effects.
  3. Improved UI.
  4. Bug fixes.

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FAQs - Amino Acid Quiz

You can use the Amino Acid Quiz app for the study and improvement of knowledge about the Amino Acids.

Amino Acid Quiz app will help you to remember the 20 amino acids by practicing and testing your knowledge.

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