Airpush Detector


The AirPush detector is the anti-adware app that detects the framework of Lead Bolt, Appenda, IAC, Molla Media, and AirPush. The app will automatically detect the apps with advertising banners.It will not block the app but only remove the Ads, If you want a permanent solution simply uninstall the application. AirPush Detector is the best option for those who regularly install different apps and face a huge amount of Ads without knowing where they came from.


  1. Use adware libraries intelligently.
  2. Adware finder for background running application.
  3. Shows all applications with Ads and without Ads.
  4. Ultra adware killer and adware scanner.
  5. Unlimited free to use.

What’s New?

  1. Fixed minor issues.
  2. Live Ads detector added.

Additional Information

  • Category: Utilities
  • Developer: SimpleTheDeveloper
  • File Size: 1.5 MB
  • Requires OS: 4.0 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Network Connections

FAQs - Airpush Detector

We can stop pop ads by installing Airpush Detector in your Android phone, this will detect and remove the Ads.

Engage the notice screen and you can without a lot of a stretch see which program puts a notice in your notice zone.

CCleaner can not remove or detect adware. It only cleans the cache memory of your device.
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