Adding Machine

Adding Machine provides efficient calculation through mobile devices.

The adding machine app manages the expenses of your tours, monthly home expenses, office expenses, and home grocery budgets with the entire history. It is not a scientific calculator, but it works as a natural assistance for your daily calculation. You can utilize it for adding multiple items, the quantity of the same, and different categories in the horizontal orientation. With the adding machine, you can edit any number quickly and add comments to specific numbers as a reminder.

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Antique Adding Machine App for Android

The antique Android adding machine app has several features to track your expenses and budget. It can help you manage your office expenses, grocery budget, and bill sharing. It can even manage multiple items and quantities in vertical orientation. Just be aware that it’s not a scientific calculator. The app is made to speed up data entry.

The Adding Machine app – Smart Tape Calculator app has over 10,000 downloads and a 4.3-star rating on the Google play store. It’s developed by EclixTech, a startup that constantly improves its user interface and features. As a result, it’s ranked in the Editor’s Choice section of the Finance category in the Google Playstore.

Desktop Adding Machine App for Windows PC

The desktop adding machine is a mechanical calculator that performs calculations for windows PC. They are usually used for bookkeeping calculations. The machine can be used to add up amounts, subtract them from other numbers, and calculate percentages. In addition, machines can be extremely useful when you need to keep track of a lot of information and are not in the mood to spend a lot of time doing it by hand.

Free Adding Machine Calculator App for Mac

Free Adding machines is an important application for MAC OS, allowing you to make quick calculations on the fly. The machine also stores the results of previous calculations on paper so you can double-check your work. Its memory can hold up to 100 entries. You can also reset the machine to clear its memory.

10 Key Adding Machine Tape

The Li’l, Likeable Adding Machine App is a simple 10-key tape, twelve-digit calculator that totals monetary values in columns. These machines are especially useful for bookkeeping and balancing checks. In addition to addition, they can subtract amounts from accumulators and multiply amounts by whole numbers. The app comes with a User’s Guide that will show you how to use it. To get started, simply download the app from Google Play.

Old Adding Machine Paper

There are two basic old types of adding machine paper: ink and thermal. Ink printers use a different approach and cost more money to operate. Additionally, they usually only print in one color. However, you can get ones that allow you to print negative numbers as well. Adding machines should also be quiet and have buttons that don’t disturb other people. The sound of adding machines can be very distracting, especially in shared spaces.

Victor Adding Machine

The victor adding machine is an affordable and durable 12-digit calculator from Sharp that can be an excellent choice for advanced users. This model has an extra-large fluorescent display and well-spaced keys. It is also fast, quiet, and compact. It also has a time calculation feature, which is very useful in busy offices. This machine is worth considering if you’re a business owner and need a high-quality calculator for your business.

Staples Adding Machine

Before modern-day personal computers, staples adding machines were a piece of standard office equipment. However, they began to be phased out after the 1970s, when personal computers and calculators made it practical to replace them. By 2000, older adding machines were rarely seen in office settings in the US. It’s important to remember that a mechanical adding machine isn’t a replica.


  1. Multiple operations.
  2. Note lists.
  3. Set tax rates.
  4. Simple and user-friendly.
  5. Smart calculation machine.

What’s New?

  1. Fixed tax minus functionality.
  2. Crushes bug fixed.
  3. Added full-screen mood.

Additional Information

  • Category: Educational
  • Developer: EclixTech
  • File Size: 3.5 MB
  • Requires OS: 4.1 and Up
  • Language: English
  • Permissions: Microphone, Storage

FAQs – Adding Machine​

What is the Difference Between an Adding Machine and a Calculator?

Adding machine performs simple calculations such as addition or subtraction, whereas the calculator performs mathematical calculations.

How to Use an Adding Machine?

Open the app, and add the values you want to add.

What is an Adding Machine?

Adding machine is an intelligent calculator app that can add any value and expenses.

Are Adding Machines Obsolete?

Yes, adding machines is obsolete, and nowadays, it is a costly machine.

When We’re Adding Machines Invented?

Founder of the American Arithmometer Company William Seward Burroughs invented adding machines.